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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saying Good-bye

Love from Providence:

And we still have that WHOLE cake to eat...

Anybody want a bite?

With the closing moved to Feb. 5th, we still have one more week to attend Providence before we depart for Durham. Several families in the church organized a finger-food luncheon after the worship service today.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aw, isn't she sweet?

Information Overload?

I'm not sure yet if so much stuff all in the same space is overwhelming to her, but it sure is to me!

New Activities on New Year's Day

New activities on New Year's Day for Rhianwen were to slide down a BIG slide in Collin's Park (where mommy and daddy got engaged...no not on the slide...at the park) and to meet Anuj's and Ekta's baby girl, Suhani.

Davies Fab Fam Minus Uncle Christopher

No, Uncle Christopher is not an outcast. He just happened not to be able to be in Conway for New Year's.

Who Picked Those Flowers?

Aunt Clara came in after a little walk with Rhianwen claiming that Rhia picked some pansies for us. Judging by their expressions, they seem to be sharing a secret. We're not too sure about Clara's influence on Rhianwen...after all, Clara was the one who taught her how to belch assertively and write passionately. Only time will tell.

Lizzie Kitty as Stand-in

On our way to Conway, we stopped by Ken and Heather's place. Their baby is tucked safely away inside of mamma, so their cat had to do for now.

Playing Hard to Get

Friday, January 19, 2007

Elusive Squeal & Flying Tigger

Rhianwen's Blog

Averett and Rhianwen: Christmas morning 12-25-06
Are you sure you want to know about this little girl and what she's thinking? Well, if you are certain, this is as near as you will ever be...if you can not be with us in person. So, visit often and enjoy.

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