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Monday, November 24, 2014

Mountain Ramblings

So excited to be in the mountains in their loft in the A-frame.

Way too much has happened since last writing. Mountain trip, birthday party, visits with friends and family, and homeschool galore. 

S'mores of course.

The kids love their Grandpa's Forgetful Jones stories.

Swinging at Saluda's playground. I love Alden's sweet smile. It just makes me happy (if he's smiling and behaving, that is. It can drive me insane if I'm trying to get him to get serious).
Paddling despite the gear.

Not to be outdone, little brother took his own kayak out.

Big Sister kept an eye on him.

The intrepid adventurers managed to evade harm from their paddles.

Rhianwen loves the freedom of zipline screaming.
They could have done this every day all day. We heard a few complaints about the other subpar activities, but we commented that we were glad they liked it so much.
On his own again.

These goofy pictures are my kids' favorites when going through their memory books, so I had to post one with NannyKim at Sky Top Orchard.

Apple Cider donuts. Notice the hand claiming the next to last one.
With Grandpa and NannyKim picking apples. We just finished them today, and we were there in the beginning of October. 

Hiking to Bradley Falls. It was such a gorgeous day. 
Wally enjoying the morning light streaming through trees and mist. 

Their proximity to the cliff edge made NannyKim very nervous.

The Carl Sandberg house. The kids loved listening to his folk music and seeing the goats. Their favorite song was called A Horse Named Bill.

Petting a goat. Sandberg's wife raised champion milkers.
We be's way too goofy. You can just see Pippin's butt behind me. He came too!
The mountains are just one of my favorite places to be especially in fall. I have so many memories of family trips from when I was a kid too. My favorite one being dad blowing out the speakers in our van playing Saents Saens Organ Symphony. Priceless!

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