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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Rest of the Year

Even though Corwin's birthday was a big shin-dig, there have been other things big and small going on in our little home.

One was that Rhianwen had to say goodbye to her first love, Kai. Well, that's what we mommies called it. When one day Kai was informed that he could not marry his mommy, he decided that Rhianwen was the next best thing b/c she played "bad-guys" with him. Awww, soooo romantic. Rhianwen was absolutely beside herself with grief when she discovered that Kai would be moving away to a different state and then half-way across the world to Japan. She pretty much cried the entire car-ride home from church after a missions conference (car-ride being about 20 minutes) and was only consoled when we said we would be sure to get a picture of her with him before he left. So here it is:

Don't they make a cute couple?

Then it was back to life as we know it.

Alden decided enough was enough, and got to work trying to open his geode on his own. He worked with his drill and hammer for a good 20 minutes on the thing. We took it as a sign that it was time to really crack them open.

With a more effective tool.

Corwin just had to get in on the action.


Then it was Valentine's Day. We love celebrating as a family. The kids learned how to make hearts by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing have a heart and cutting. Rhianwen said that most of hers looked like "fairy wings". I guess it was b/c the humps were long and skinny.

There were lots of sequins, feathers, and drawings. And daddy placed a chocolate in each bucket.

Alden got a hex-bug which he looooves. When Grandmama asked him about Valentine's Day, he said, "I got a bug!". I think she was unsure at first if she had understood him correctly.

Rhianwen looooves Fancy Nancy, so I got her a boa, but it's "itchy". So I don't know if she'll use it often. Ooh-la-la, I think she looks darling.

Finally we got some snow. Corwin's first. He thought it was interesting for about 2 minutes and then decided it was just pretty wet and cold.

Smack! They haven't gotten the whole dodge out of the way concept yet.

After hitting mommy with a snowball.

I just love my Lenten Roses. The white one in the back is so full of blooms! I'm amazed every time I look at it.

Corwin often a wiff of spring, and donned a Lei, but couldn't get it back off. Can you tell we have a patient little boy?

2 funny parent quotes:
Daddy was reading Fancy Nancy Vocabulary book to Rhi for story, and was reviewing the list of words, but inserted by mistake, hostage (instead of hostess) and mammogram (instead of monogram). No one seemed to notice but me. At the end of the list the book says "Look at all the fancy words you know now!". Yep, and a few extras a-la-daddy.

Also when discussing our date night, I said, "I wear special clothes on date night." and then rethinking I said, "Well, at least they are clean." That is pretty special when you have 3 snotters in the house.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Corwin!

The birthday boy.

Singing Happy Birthday to Corwin first thing in the morning. I know it's been 2.5 weeks since C-dubya's (as Wally likes to call my bub bub) birthday. I have been busy and in training with my new tablet/laptop (Asus Transformer Prime) which so far has been great.

What great siblings.

Corwin is now one! What joy this little person has brought to all of us! He is a happy sweet boy who adores his big sister and brother. He isn't picky about who gives him attention, although he is partial to mommy. He is easily satisfied and seems to instinctively know how certain things work. For example, he will (mostly) sit still so that he can get his shoes put on and therefore attain the great outdoors (it took my other kids until they were at least 2 to understand this concept...the stiller you stay, the faster you get away). I'm almost convinced he has the ability to think about some of the steps needed to get from point a to point b. He also seems to think that people generally are interested in providing for him and understand his needs. For example, at bedtime he often goes to his room to wait for some milky instead of coming to mommy because he knows the routine and that I know it too. He is strong and can climb a straight up and down ladder such as the one that is on Rhianwen's bunkbed.He loves to sing, point, play games, read, "scrumble" (Wally's word for wrestle/cuddle), and be in the middle of everything.

Opening his Magneteos. This toy has been loved by all. He was a pro at ripping wrapping paper, in fact, he's a pro at ripping any paper. Whenever he was given a gift, he would make the same expectant grunty oh sound and tear into it.

Enthralled with his giant birthday candle from the Hicklins.

Happy birthday toooo youuuu. He kind of tried to blow, but then wanted to grab.

One little happy boy. He actually didn't eat much of it at all.

Saturday after his actual b-day, we had his little party with family. It was an owl theme because he looooves owls. His nursery has been decorated with owls. Here he is playing pin the beak on the owl. He had owl decorations and cupcakes (for more pics, you can go here to the renovation tracker).

Eating birthday lunch with the family.

With his sock monkey "Monk-monk" made by NannyKim. He loves saying hi to him in the morning and dragging him off on adventures.

Opening Alden's gift, a drum.

A needlework owl made by Grandmama. We were so happy she came! Corwin's nursery has lots of owls. He loves them and heard the real ones the other night.

A look back, a year with our Corwin, our heart's desire. God gives undeserved good gifts, big and small.

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