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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Corwin Finally!

Our little man: Corwin Ward.

Thai didn't induce Corwin's arrival, but Rhianwen LOVED the Pad Thai. Alden loved the fish in the tank.

Rhianwen and Alden made shirts for their little brother before he came.

Alden and Rhianwen enjoyed playing with Lego people from Uncle Skipper. We have a whole army.

This post is very late, but since Corwin was very late too, I guess that's reasonable. The doctors scheduled an induction for us but I went into labor after our second non-stress test and ultrasound (of course...). As with Alden, this must have motivated Corwin to come on his own. We got to the hospital in plenty of time, but he came au natural anyway.

1-31-2011 9:39pm, He was 8lb 3oz and 21 inches long. His lungs were experiencing a little retraction after birth, but thankfully it was fine and he was perfectly healthy.

Holding her brother for the first time. Rhianwen dressed up for the occasion.

Alden looooves his baby brother. I think he considers him a pet. Alden loves to "fluff his hair" and every time Corwin comes in the room, Alden says cheerily, "Hi Corwin!". I am so thankful for his love for him.

Grandaddy holds Corwin.

Grandmama has a way with babies. She helped us out for a week and could calm Corwin when none of the rest of us could. She also managed to make our house cleaner than it ever has been and cooked us many meals that we froze and will pull out when needed. We are SO thankful!

My 3 guys.

Nanny Kim helped us for 2 weeks (one waiting on Corwin and the next helping while we recovered.) She had a horrible cold the second week, so this is the only time that she really held Corwin (notice my old lab coat). The kids had an absolute blast with her. She has a WILD imagination! She also cooked and kept things organized. I sure do miss my help.

Aunt Clara also helped out for 2 days, and I said I thought we needed a nanny all of the time. Rhianwen said, "We should get purple Harold to draw one for us!" (from Harold and the Purple Crayon). Oh, if only it were that simple!

Corwin was fascinated with Uncle Christopher's head and the bouncy nervous energy that only a computer programmer can have.

This was only a sponge bath, but Corwin absolutely loved having his hair washed. It was so cute.

A real bath is just about the top thing on our little guys list.

We just had to laugh at Alden's disproportionate appearance with his helmet.

Celebrating Valentine's Day in house with balloons and later very spicy Indian food.

Our first family picture with 5. Notice how the zombie stares from mommy, daddy, and Corwin. Yes, you can tell who's been up at night....

Just too cute. Everyone loves Grandmama.

Corwin's becoming even more alert, talkative, and appreciative of everyone's attention. He really loves his big brother and sister. One of his favorite times is at night when they're being put to bed. He loves lying in bed with them.

On a side note, breastfeeding is still challenging. He is gaining well so far, thankfully! But I'm still sore. This was how it was with Alden, and I stayed tender the entire time I nursed him (17 months!!!). Please pray that I'll be more comfortable this time and that I'll be able to nurse Corwin for at least a year. Pray also for our time management and my attitude and perspective to be one that pleases Jesus. Oh, and that I would stop putting my cell phone through the wash (I've done it 2x now!!!!). Ok. This has been long enough. I should be in bed! THANK you all for your help, sweet gifts, emails, calls, and notes. They really help my day to be the best it can be!

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