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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Once a Be Time...

Corwin starts his stories with "Once a be time". And once again, my story will be made of pictures summarizing 2 months' worth of activity!
First popsicles of the season which was, admittedly, a long time ago.

Tiptoooooe through the tuuuuliiips with meeeee. Ok, if anyone knows that song, you either
 had to be on a missions trip with Mr. Grooms, or you have his same strange taste in music.

Field trip to the Post Office. They had a dynamic tour guide too. 
Off to a Trail Life camping trip.
Hanging out in the camping hammock that Uncle Christopher and Aunt Hannah gave us.
At Swan Lake with daddy. This was a long awaited Christmas gift.
Corwin's pics are getting a little more detailed. The smiles on his people always turn up after leaving the circle of their faces. Then he always asks us, "Does he look happy?" in a doubtful kind of way. 
Enjoying a chilly vacay on Hatteras Island. It was wonderful, and the kids even played 
in the water...in APRIL!
Aaaaugh! Water...cold...cold...
Eating Apple Uglies at Orange Blossom Cafe and Bakery.
Cape Hatteras Light House. We didn't think we were going to get to go up to the very top 
b/c of the winds, but they opened the deck as we were readying to climb. 
At the top of Cape Hatteras Light House making sure we don't get blown away; we had to lean into the wind at times to walk all the way around. They enjoyed multiple ranger programs. I didn't realize how much there was to see on or near Hatteras: lots of lighthouses, Roanoke, and Kill Devil Hills, where the Wright brothers first flew.

We celebrated my mom's birthday with a watermelon "cake" per her request. It was good watermelon too! Never heard of a good one in April, but I guess God grew this one just for her :)

The treasures we found on the beach.
Some unusually serious conversation with Uncle Christopher.
At the Wright Brothers National Memorial Park. Corwin can still remember that the 
plane "crashed" at marker #4! He was talking about it the other day and was quite fascinated by their story.
Proudly sporting their first badges from the Jr. Ranger program.
Rolling on the dunes at Jockey's Ridge. They all LOVED it. I'm glad Wally convinced me it 
was worth doing.
At Roanoke Island Festival Park, which is a living history place about the American Indians and colonization.
In her new quarters below deck.
Ringing the ship's bell. 
Helping load sticks to burn out a canoe.
As you can see, Alden loved trying everything. 
Whoo! Heavy.

Somehow we don't have a picture of my dad or Hannah in all of this, but these dear ones accompanied us on many adventures and meals.

Reading Henry and Mudge...Corwin always stops what he's doing for this. Fittingly, Alden's pants are covered in dog fur, and their faces are covered in peanut butter. I love these books b/c they are fun reading especially for boys, the author knows both kids and dogs. It's a fun part of our day.
His first fishing pole.
Rhi finally convinced me she was mature enough to learn to sew without all the dramatics. We spend the morning at Hancock's and loaded her up with her own sewing box and supplies. She is very happy and feels a sense of accomplishment being able to say she can sew. 
So does Alden. I ended up putting this project away, which was way more challenging than
 I thought it would be, and teaching him the same as Rhi. 
Playing soccer. Corwin had a blast and loved having practice once a week along with games on Saturdays. 
Enjoying sitting with Grandaddy at Alden's game.
Alden playing soccer. Wally was his coach and enjoyed seeing his team develop lots
 of skills over the course of a short season.
Being a bee in the play. They had a fun little dance routine.
I was so proud of Alden and all of the boys. They had to learn a complicated 
gun twirling, marching routine along with chanting. They did GREAT!
Goofing off with one of his best friends after the children's play. As you can tell, this 
pic was taken by a much better photographer than moi.
With Alden after the play. Notice Miss dancer pose with her pointed toe. 
With one of her best friends after the play. They have done piano duets and art 
together this year too. So thankful for a growing friendship! (Again, picture courtesy of Daniel!).
And because we didn't have enough excitement, Alden lost his first teeth!!!
This is what the boys did while waiting for Rhi to finish her yearly testing. Next year, Alden will have to do testing as well! In the meantime, he spent his time building pyramids, walls, playing outside, reading, and building with legos with his little brother..
Parents' Observation day at dance. I love watching her progress each year. She can't get 
enough of dancing!

So graceful!

Attitudes...I thiiiink. I'm so clueless when it comes to dance other than I can usually tell 
if they are good or not!
Dancing so happily at NC Dance Institute.
With Ms. Kirstie, who really is great at challenging them and staying positive.

So that is our once a be time for now. Thankful that summer is here and things are full in a different sunnier slower kind of way.

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