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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Acadia, Maine

We kicked off our homeschool year with a trip to Acadia National Park, Maine. It was amazing, and despite the fact that Corwin had a stomach bug all week, and I got it for a day, we still all had a fantastic time. The weather was gorgeous, and the scenery was storybook. I felt like we had walked into a fairy tale. But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, even though the pictures can't even do the place justice.

On our trip up we were sweetly hosted by a Andy P. from our days in Clemson who now lives in RI with 2 adorable twin boys and his sweet wife who was away visiting friends. It takes a big heart to open your house to 3 kids, the 2 of us and our puppy! I did take pics but decided I'd better refrain from posting in a public place without permission. Thank you for a wonderful visit!

We are here! The kids maintained a high level of enthusiasm and excitement and exhaustion the entire time. Imagine them constantly talking or singing or moving repetitively and you'll get the picture. A man asked us if we had spotted any wild-life, and Wally very truly said, "We scare it off long before we see it!"

Canoeing Eagle Lake. The water was crystal clear. We could see the rocks at the bottom until the bottom got so deep that sunlight could not penetrate.

The kids found an old house on one side of the lake, and the woods behind were full of huckleberries which they consumed in vast quantities. (No, this was not the reason for the stomach troubles...mom...only Corwin had it and he had it before eating). ;0)

Our campsight in Blackwoods Campground in the National Park. We set up in the pouring rain, but thankfully, that was the last of it for the week.

You can't stay frustrated with those little faces for long even if they do scare all of the wildlife from here back to NC.

Getting eaten alive by the only wildlife not afraid of them...a dinosaur coming out of the ground.

Hiking down a trail with lots of old sea caves and "squeezers". I can't remember the name of the mountain right now! The kids LOVED it.

Corwin found a nice little "chair" to rest on. 

At the top of? still can't remember what mountain...sadly we couldn't see b/c of the fog. This was the only day with thick fog all day!

We loved seeing birch trees!

Seeing tidal pools for the first time.

Poor Corwee feeling a little off. Pippin is doing what he does so well.

We went to a Ranger Program on Tidal Pools. Corwin loved it even though they had to list him as a 5 year old to allow him to come.

Eating at Thurston's Lobster Pound. It was awesome! And they let dogs come too :)

The harbor and Thurston's. We saw them bringing in the lobster.

The kids found it fascinating. Rhi had to be encouraged not to think about the poor live one we picked now not alive and on our plate, but she managed to enjoy it.

At Bass Harbor Light House.

Thunder Hole. Womp-Womp hole more like it even at high tide, but it was pretty cool.

We canoed in the ocean one day in a little strip between islands. There were many starfish hanging on the rocks. 

This is the day I was sick. Conveniently I had a whole ocean to hurl in.

"Swimming" at Echo Lake. It was cold outside the water. I don't know how they did it.

Dinner at the campground. We made lots of food ahead of time so we just had to warm up and serve.

Making S'mores.

Jordan Pond and the Bubbles. I really wish we had been feeling well enough and had time enough to have tea at the tea house there, but, alas, we did not. Perhaps if Wally and I go back there for a second honeymoon or something ;0)

Hiking on the odd tree path around the pond.

Swimming at Sand Beach. Even though Corwin had a cast, he could get in with his cast cover. They had great fun jumping over the waves and playing in the sand.

We found a real sea cave to explore that had tidal pools in it too. Alden especially thought this was awesome.

One of the tidal pools' amazing ecosystems. 

On top of Cadillac Mountain. No, we were wimps and could not get up for the first sunrise in the USA.

We saw a schooner sailing between the Porcupine Islands.

The view (only about 1/4 of it). 

Last stop was to see a cobblestone beach. These are a little larger than cobbles, but that is where they got cobbles from. Just picked them up off of beaches and stuck them in their streets!

So sad to leave. 

The kids enjoyed seeing New York City from afar all lit up at night, and we went to worship at the National Cathedral in DC on the way home. This was nice b/c we're studying the Middle Ages, and it is built in Gothic style with flying buttresses and all.

National Cathedral in DC.

Now do you see why I counted this as our first week of homeschool? 

First day of school back at home. You can see the bags under their eyes, but they did great jumping right in to more traditional style lessons.

Not to leave Corwin out...I never felt it necessary to call this stage anything, but he REALLY wanted to do school. Each day he begs me to do math and to do an ABC page. Our life and hence school has been pretty hectic so far this school year, but I really want to include math and learning ABC sounds in his day each day if I can. 

I'm learning to expect not to know what each day is going to be like. It works better for my sanity.

However, Maine, I think, exceeded our expectations, and we are so glad we could take the kids to such a beautiful part of God's creation. 

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