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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Busy Living

End of year performances, traveling to a conference, finishing school, starting summer, getting a puppy, getting caught up on all kinds of Dr. appointments, and praying hard for friends. My dad would call that burning the candle at both ends, and we are feeling it. But thankfully difficulties often birth joys. 

Rhianwen had a very cute observation day in jazz. She has come a long way!

"You've got that one thing."

My fave part, when Ms. Kirstie had all of the dads dance with the girls and taught them a little routine. I was thanking the Lord that I am a mom b/c I would NOT have been comfortable doing this :)

Ballet. I just love it. So pretty. Grandmama was able to come to this one. 

So sweet.

I was very disappointed that I hadn't completely figured out my camera, so I don't have any good video clips from this!!!

Nature walks almost always happen in our backyard. They were drawing pictures of the baby cardinals in their nest. Do you like Corwin's technique?

Nanny Kim, Grandpa, and Uncle Skipper all came to watch the kids while we went to a homeschool conference. Our favorite thing is just getting away, the 2 of us, free to feel like we're back to normal relational life.

And then I was insane enough to want a puppy, and Wally was insane enough to say yes. His name is Pippin and his theme song is Zippity-do-dah except it's Pippity-do-dah. His arch nemesis is Alden's batman cup. If it's on the floor, it's lights out for it. He also likes to eat my rug...any suggestions to stop this behavior? Yes, my girl has shorts on, no, she's not quite got the lady-like thing down yet. She likes to ride the dirt track in skirts.

Dirt track????

Uh-huh. Thanks to Wally. Sometimes I wish I could see his thought process...wakes up in the morning, yawns, stretches, makes breakfast, wanders outside, thinks, "I think I'll make a dirt track today." Done.

Except, Wally thinks the track is the perfect size for Corwin's Strider bike, so it may NOT be done, quite. Guess who got a BMX off of Craigslist? No, not me!

Some of the fun sans Wally who was taking the video.

This summer some things I've decided to do are a little bit of Five in a Row, cooking with Rhianwen, art, and maintaining some knowledge of math facts. Since it's Wally's job to cook breakfast, he helped her make Eggs in a Frame (I call it Eggs in a Basket). Grandmama gave her a Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls which she is using. Tuesdays are her day to cook. Alden and Corwin now whine and feel left out. I told them if they wanted to pick out a recipe, we could do it. So far, they haven't.

Happy birthday dear daddy! I'm still trying to figure out my camera, as you can tell. But I am enjoying it! Can you tell that Alden just absolutely adores Wally? He wants to be just like him when he grows up. I tell him that is a great aspiration. We finally gave Wally the particular frames he wants for his office desk. So now he can put some updated pictures of his family on it along with the ones that are 13 years old. 

Watching World Cup. Usually Pippin is way too excited to see Corwin, but this was at the end of a long day of playing, so he's calm and sleepy. I've been told this breed will become couch potatoes once they become adults/they are happy with lots of activity or little, so we'll see!

Corwin was singing a song that Grandpa had sung the week he was here. He's a little unsure in this video clip, but, previously, he was belting it out on the swing, in the car, all over the place :)

Corwin has been making up fantastic stories. I love that stage when they can start being creative with their words! 

Some funny moments: 
Me: "Corwin, if you spill water on the floor, you need to clean it up."
Corwin: "That wasn't me. It was the pee."

Corwin: "I born right now."
Alden: "Of course you are. You are way way borner now!"

Corwin (on being told that Daddy was at the dentist): "Aftah he get his teef paint, he get a bouncy ball!".
If only it were as fun as their visits!

Yeah. Lots of Corwin, but my older 2 provide many fun conversations too. They are just often way too complicated to write down. :)

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