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Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Olympics and a Birthday

I'll cook in snow.

 And why was I insane enough to suggest going faster? I guess I one of those moms.

Daddy tries slopstyle out. Too bad he doesn't have a sponsor, so no cool board for him.

 OH, yeah, a future Olympian.

 Pretending to be Susan and Peter in Narnia.

It is funny how the Chronicles of Narnia come out in normal life. Alden was watching cars go by, and he said, "A mommy car...a daddy car...a sons and daughters of Eve car...". Totally laughed at that.

 Corwin quickly tired of his Olympic training and decided Daddy needed to train for the winter Olympic biathlon.

 2 man bobsledding on a not so ideal track. A tree had to be moved off the track after an initial hit.

 Relaxing with hot chocolate in the lodge.

 Happy birthday to Corwin!!! "Who, me?".

 Monster yellow decorations. 

 He loved his homemade card so much he took it to a Dr.'s appointment and told the lab tech: 3!!! Great job, daddy.

 His fave toy from us...hand held rockets. He tried to convince me that daddy said he could sleep with them. I'm not so gullible yet.

 No more fighting over armor...just more real fighting now.

 Corwee's yellow monster cake...I was feeling like it looked lame until I put almond claws on it. Amazing what little finishing touches will do.

 Decorating his own monster cake for craft. These were so fun and adorable.

 Guess what he ended up eating when given the chance? The sprinkles and the frosting. He left the rest of the cake.

 Other friends working on their creations.

 Pin the stuff on the monster. They didn't like the random results and felt compelled to replace them correctly.

 A few of the creations.

 A monster treasure hunt. I hid monsters with clues to the party favors.

 Corwin insisted he could read his clue.

 Titus was so excited about the gift he was giving Corwin. Love little friends.

 Cousin Benjamin taking a monster bite.

 More gifts. This was funny b/c it was in a box, and after Corwin got the paper off, Alden said, "It's a box." Corwin took a disillusioned look at his friends Sara and Eli, dropped it, and walked off. We convinced him there was something in the box, and he is now enjoying his own pair of scissors and pack of construction paper daily.

 Granddaddy and Smiley aka Kallie.

 Opening rocket man with Grandmama.

Corwin counts up for blast-off. Yeah, I totally confused him when I started counting backwards. I decided we'd better stick to getting the counting up down first...get it...ha ha.

 When he opened his shield from NannyKim and Grandpa, he said, "My shield!". He asks daddy to fight regularly but gets mad at him if he does not submit to his onslaught.

He changes the last thing all of the time. Before this clip, it was "My mommy says be quiet!". Yes, he knows my phrases if not his ABC's.

New monster jimmy-jams. He has refused to wear anything else, but his old set had holes in the toes and was getting really tight. Thank you NannyKim for sending a 3T for our little boy.

What can I say about this little boy? He can be a terror and a joy, a cuddler and a pounder, nearly always messy, doesn't know his ABC's yet, just barely has learned to count to 10, hasn't potty trained completely yet, just a relaxed boy who enjoys life. He loves cutting and pasting, loves stories, has begun memorizing Bible verses, says he "wants Jesus" when he's feeling guilty/being disciplined, loves his "chocate drink" (cocoa) and Orange juice, loves bringing his noisiest trucks or toy horses to wake mommy and get some quality play time first thing in the morning on our bed, and always asks where daddy is if he is gone. He's growing so big and I hate to think of the time when I won't be able to cuddle and snuggle with him. I've never gotten this far without having another baby, so it is a strange feeling to have such a big little boy as my youngest. My prayer is that his heart's desire would always be to "want Jesus" and that he would grow in strength and purpose in the Lord.

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