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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Fast Can I Post?

Well, I just can't keep up. So many cute things happen, but Easter trumps and I know the grandparents are probably in starvation mode to see some of our cuties, so I'll throw a quick one up for you all :)

Wally put our garden in. Or should I say Alden did?

Getting bags of leaves for stuffing our scarecrow. Can you believe I didn't get a picture of the final product? I'll have to do that for next time. He's scared Wally already. Maybe we should call it a scarehuman....I'm soooo funny.

Corwin's mastered the tough-guy persona. He's such a chic magnet.

This Easter we again enjoyed doing Benjamin's Box. It worked really well for both Rhi and Alden. They loved the story and I think having something to hold and touch encouraged them to pay attention and to be eager for the next night. Wally also let them watch the Jesus Film for children. Even though it is a very dated and somewhat poorly acted film, I was still so struck by Jesus saying, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." While they were in the process of killing Him, He could still say this! He truly loves us, His enemies and now made His children. If only I could love like that. I've been struck by how sinful I am, and when I was out in the garden staring at all of the weeds growing up among the beautiful flowers, I thought of myself. I have many beautiful traits because of God's grace, but there's a lot of weeding that needs to be done for me to truly be complete. I just need to trust that He is doing that and need to cooperate as He does.

Painting eggs the lazy way. Mommy bought a kit.

The concentration was palpable.

Can you find the egg in this picture?

What about in this one?

Real life video footage. There is always drama from someone. She realized she had gotten muddy...

Corwin loved his Easter gift: Moo, Baa, La la la.

Ready for church.

No more tough-guy. Now, he's doing the nerd. Can you say the next Peter Parker?

My kiddos. Notice Rhi's book: Calvin and Hobbes....yikes! If you look at the next picture, she's even trying to draw the cartoon herself!

You can see a fat Hobbes (the tiger) to the left, Calvin on the right, a UFO up above, and a "mean soldier who killed Jesus" to the left of the UFO. She is something else! Her wheels are always turning.

Funny Alden moment while on the potty:

Mommy: When are you going to be done (pooping)?
Alden: This summer.

Um, yes. We'll be here for a while.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Don't know if it's a word, but that is what the last 2 weeks have felt like: surreal. We've had so much activity that I think we've forgotten what normal is. Hmmm, is there going to be a normal? Probably not....

Corwin's baptism was great. Here he is all dressed up in Grandaddy's baptism gown. Daddy was baptized in it, Rhianwen, and Alden, and now Corwin. Cousin Mastin thought he was a girl, tsk tsk. His new fiance almost kicked him when he made that mistake...ha ha! Regardless, I'm glad babies wear more normal things now. It's hard enough juggling a baby without worrying about cold legs and wrinkly clothes.

Being held up in prayer after his shower. He was soaked. Go Pastor James! Grandaddy also prayed.

The fam. Pastor James didn't know what to think. Wild! Most of them were there for the wedding of Lee and CeCe the night before. Thanks Uncle Brooks and Dan for the picture!

With Grandaddy, what a special guy.

So special in fact, that Rhianwen and Alden traveled home with him and apparently played dress-up while daddy was away on business (these pics are from Grandaddy...thanks!). After all of the hubub of the weekend, Corwin thought the house with just mommy was mighty quiet. He was MUCH happier when everyone returned a couple of days later.

At Grandmama's reading.

Peering into the chicken coop. Alden loves feeding the chickens. This could go in Country magazine.

My sweet girl. When will I appreciate my kiddos the way I should? Probably when I'm an empty nester.

Goofing with Aunt Clara who came to play.

Wow! Greatmama, that's a heavy load! They loved being read to by her.

Back at home helping daddy with the new grill. Good thing we have a big backyard; it's our go-to most waking moments.

Holding Corwin's hand...um, arm.

And this would be why we have to have a bath every night even if we didn't get all muddy and polleny out in the yard. Honey all in the hair. I mean all in it. Sometimes I'm afraid to put him down for nap b/c I think the ants might find him and carry him away. He's still interested in potty business, but mostly if he thinks it'll get him out of bed for moment. When he goes and dumps it into the toilet from the potty, he'll often say, "This is the BEST toilet I ever seen!". So funny.

We just thought you could catch a glimpse of family devotion songs. Please forgive the horrible singing. Alden had a time trying to say B-I-B-L-E. Sometime I hope to show the stop and go one too that they learned at Grandmama's.

Corwin LOVES talking. He tries so hard to be expressive. He really can get close to saying I love you...it truly is intentional. He tries to mimic Wally.

Corwin is now more than 2 months old. At his well visit, he weighed in at 14lb 6oz (95th percentile) and was in the 90th percentile for height. Big boy! I'm thanking God every day! He's strong too. Please pray that we'll handle the hard days. We've all had colds, and I reached the end of my rope the other day. I'm praying Ephesians 4 for myself especially that I would be "made new in the attitude of your minds".

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