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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gone to Carolina

"What? I'm gonna be a GRITS??? What's that?"

"Preparing for departure... "

"Arrival on time and no lost luggage on the way. Whew! What a trip...temps in the negatives, an overnight stay in a hotel, riding with the kitty cat in the car, but here I am..."

"Hmmm, maybe I should have stayed in Pittsburgh; who is this guy anyway? Is he making fun of me?? "

It was one stressful move on the Pittsburgh end of things, but we are in NC. The truck is unloaded thanks to the help of Wally's parents and cousin and friends, and Christopher helped spend an afternoon taking things out of boxes although he refused to touch the crystal. Smart move on his part I suppose. He used to have a nasty habit of taking my stuff apart with the aggravating effect of it never working again. So far, we haven't found anything lying around in pieces. Rhianwen did wonderfully through it all. As long as she has her food, a place to sleep, some toys, and a little attention, she is one happy baby!

She can now stay in a sitting position for quite a few seconds. She puts most things in her mouth, is making lots of bubbles and tongue convolutions, and has perfected her baby language. We also discovered that she looooves the Windows Media Player moving displays. She was TRANSFIXED!

Oh, and the cat has aquired the habit of carrying the baby monitor away.


  1. welcome to NC! let us know if we can help in anyway!

  2. nannykim can't stand seeing these pictures and not being able to give a kiss. Does Summer really take the moniter???

  3. I love the GRITS picture! We need to get her a Girls Raised In The South shirt!What a precious picture!


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