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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clemson Beat Duke!

Although Clemson lost the ACC championship game to UNC, they got there by beating Duke (something more important in Wally's book). He took this video of Rhianwen after the win. Yes, it is a long shameless Clemson pep rally, but so cute!

We have been loving the warm spring weather and longer afternoons. I finally can take walks with Wally again after he gets home from work. We bought some sunglasses for Rhianwen at Target the other week, and she's enjoyed wearing them. I think the eye pieces are set a teeny bit too close together for her eyes, but they are cute anyway!

Sporting her new shades.

Here is a picture of Rhianwen throwing things into the creek from the bridge. Now you know what a terrifying drop it is (on both sides)!

This week Rhianwen showed new climbing skills all over the place. She climbed all kinds of ladders at different playgrounds, one even 10 feet tall and convoluted. I only let her do that one once b/c it was a little too high for me to spot her from the ground. Scary! At that playground, a mom asked me if her name meant "Daredevil" b/c she did all of the highest scariest things! I told her, nope, that she just took after her daddy. This pic shows her in our backyard climbing the circles up the side of her slide.

Climbing to the top, but then what?

We went to a HUGE consignment sale (like 600 sellers) and got a few new toys, books, and clothes for Rhianwen and Baby T. She loves her new cars and "men", and I'm so excited b/c it's something I've been wanting to get her for a long time.

Pushing her cars around.

We bought a HUGE jug of bubbles a while back but have never opened them. The outside of the jug had promises of a wand included inside, but upon opening, no wand could be seen. I guess they forgot to tell us that it was invisible, so Wally made a wand out of a coat hanger that we got from the consignment sale, and it actually worked quite well.

This is about the sloppiest my child looks, it was the 2nd or 3rd outfit of the day, and I was lazy and didn't do the snaps or anything. But it's perfect for outside play!

Great Grandma has recently had hip replacement surgery and is now recovering at a nursing home, where she is receiving physical therapy 6 days a week. So, I decided to take some pics of Rhianwen to send her. I just couldn't resist putting one up on the blog. Rhianwen is such a cutie!

Peeking around the camera for a look at mommy.

In more funniness, we have been taking stock of baby stuff and painting Baby T.'s room. (We got the exact double jogger we wanted off of craigslist for cheaper than the cheapest stroller we had found at the store! We are SO excited.) Anyway, this has been a time of rediscovery for Rhianwen. Here she found that her old infant car seat was quite the stylish lounge chair. Of course, a chat on the phone was a must. Here she had used daddy's cell phone to call our house number (unintentionally), and she is talking to daddy on the phone.

In a way, I feel like this pic sums up her life right now...sitting in her infant seat but using a cell phone. She is still such a little oo, but growing and maturing so quickly. I was just thinking the other day, we raise our children and encourage them to be self-sufficient and caring, but then I was wondering if there was ever a time when we didn't need our moms and dads/older and wiser people. When put that way, it sounds like a rhetorical question. But it seems funny to me that I still need my mom and dad even though I am grown and out of the house! I suppose I could live without them, but there would be a void. It's not that Wally and I don't operate as a separate household, but we value the years of experience, the wisdom, and the support we still get from our parents. So I've decided, that I should stop thinking, "When is she going to be more self-sufficient?" Because, really, I hope she will always know she can come to us to ask for advice, support, and love.

Oh, how could I forget?! I published the post and remembered, this week was Rhianwen's first bloody nose. I mean gushing. She was riding on daddy's leg and bounced off of him and into the floor. Boy was that a sad sight to see. She didn't seem to mind the blood, but hated all of the attention we were giving to her nose.


  1. The video is so cute. Rhianwen sure is looking grow up!

    Katelyn has those exact same little sunglasses. Ken's mom brought them to her on her last visit. She's wearing them in the blog I posted 2-28-08. We can't get her to wear them more than 2 seconds.

    I need to go to one of those consignment sales. That sounds like fun. I've always been a yard sale junkie so that would be right up my alley.

    Love the picture of Rhianwen that you took for your grandma. She looks like a doll! So pretty!

  2. hmmm, that movie is an awesome demonstration of the brain washing capacity of some (ahem) clemsonite adults. BUT it was so cute!!

    So did she cry when she got the bloody nose??? She is a sweetie.

    Oh, and of course you need your wonderful, very wise, grandious, audacious, mispelling, fumbling, mom!!

  3. She is so cute! I love going to a consignment sale each season and getting almost all my kids clothes for that time of year.

  4. During the UNC vs. Clemson game, I heard Phil utter words I thought would never escape his lips ... "I hope Clemson wins." Something to do with an intense hatred for UNC mixed with some feelings of pity for the underdog (Gamecocks know a lot about being the underdog). Anyway, thought you would want to know. I probably can't post this anywhere his family might find it. :-)

    LOVE the photo of her chatting on the phone in the car seat. And I'm so sorry about the nose accident! Don't you just ache for them when they have their bumps and falls?

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