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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I thought about putting this picture on our renovation blog and saying, "Look at what we did to the backyard over the winter!" Ha ha. I just have no time for our reno blog, as is obvious, but we have done quite a few things. This however is a picture of Duke Gardens. We love it all year long, but Spring is a beautiful time to go "feed Mr. and Mrs. Mallard" in Rhianwen's words.

"Fishing" (since Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were not hungry, the catfish came and ate the bread.)

A quiet moment of reflection with Daddy...ha ha. Get it?

Rhianwen has many words to say. And I finally wrote some down so that I could remember to share them with you! It's interesting, often hilarious, and sometimes annoying to see the world from her point of view. Here are just a few of her thoughts:

On getting our paintings back from the framer's: "This frame is all around Alden's picture!"

On a morning when mommy and daddy were side by side (a rare occurrence): "Mommy, your hair matches Daddy's."

On wishing Grandpa a happy birthday: "Oh, can I speak to Nanny Kim?" (she actually did sing a happy birthday song to him and carried on a nice conversation with him prior to this request, but her tact and phone etiquette need some improvement.)

On speaking with Nanny Kim: "Oh, is Grandmama there?"

On seeing an offensive foul during March madness: "Oh, he needs to say, 'Excuse me, please!'"

"I'm Pastor Bowen!" (she was pretending to be our senior minister at CGS and decided a shoe string would do well as his bow tie. She tied it herself. I don't think Daddy will be taking instructions from her on how to tie his anytime soon.

Alden is in cruising mode even more than before. I've gotten to the point when sometimes I just need a break from his tumbles and falls and stick him in the walker just so I can get some work done.

"Don't worry mom. I can help you get the cleaning done."

He's also developing his own sense of humor and is playing games like peekaboo. The other night he grabbed a place mat off the table and started doing it without us initiating the activity. Here's a video of that:

This week has already been and will continue to be crazy busy. It's weeks like these that I appreciate God's loving provision of a day of rest. Even in the midst of a busy week I can remember the previous Sunday of rejuvenation and look forward to the one to come.


  1. I really like that last photo of Rhianwen. I also like the one of her crossing her eyes. :-)

  2. Priceless photo of Rhianwen with her eyes crossed!

  3. That park is beautiful!!! And the pics and movie are fantablous ;-)

  4. that last picture of rhianwen is so great...I love the light on her face! The video of alden playing peek a boo is so cute too. I can't believe how much our kids are growing up. I hope they get a chance to play together again sometime soon.

  5. I am dying for a new post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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