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Monday, June 8, 2009


A short clip of Alden playing the recorder. He's become even more of a virtuoso and no longer hums into it. He's very proud of this new skill. I wonder if that means he'll blow out his birthday candles.
The up and coming star Alden Wallace strides confidently to his waiting limo even amidst the paparazzi.

In fact Alden is becoming a star at imitating other people. He tries to blow bubbles when Rhianwen does. He's learning how to jump and run (in fact, the library has become a difficult place to be now that he can go so quickly. He loves to RUN as fast as he can down the rows and across the building. Today I resorted to quickly grabbing whatever didn't look heretical for Rhianwen and departed in about 20 minutes...a new record for us.) He saw mommy and daddy kissing on the lips and wasn't satisfied with mommy's cheeks anymore since apparently the lips are the new cheeks this season. He loves playing tag with us and trying to throw balls. Of course there are some negative things about imitating. Now if we could just get Rhianwen to understand the importance of setting a good example. Which reminds me of a very annoying habit of hers: using the popper toy only when I am talking on the phone. It is the single most noisy toy we have, and she only seems to play with it when I am trying to make a phone call. Why is this? I really don't think it's intentional, but it's nearly without fail.
We've been enjoying what I consider "summer" activities even though technically it's still spring. Rhianwen planted some cantaloupe seeds in a blue pot which is now on her dresser. I hope they sprout! We've begun having our usual summer breakfast food of "garlic" yogurt and fruit. Actually, it's granola, but when we ask Rhi what she wants for breakfast she says, "Garlic!". One summer activity that I'm not going to do anymore is to let Alden wander around in just his diaper. He managed to intentionally rip it off in one motion while going down the step into the family room. It was only later that I realized that he had been pooping at that time.
There's no doubt they are siblings! Noise or no, poop or no, you just have to melt when you have moments like this.

We also got some painted lady caterpillars as a gift from Grandmama. They came in a jar with a bunch of food on the bottom just in time for Nanny Kim's visit for Advance '09. They've been growing longer and fatter and will soon form chrysalises at which point we'll transfer them to the supplied butterfly cage.

A visit with Nanny Kim is always exciting. Usually it's because of all the wacky things she does, but since she was gone most of the time at the conference and in a more serious mood, I felt compelled to spice things up a bit. I cunningly sprinkled black pepper onto a hot burner while everyone was hanging out in the kitchen. Now we all know first hand what an attacker feels like when he inhales pepper spray. We all were hacking! (In all actuality, it was Nanny Kim's fault for talking to me while I prepared dinner. I had forgotten that I had moved my pan off the burner. Yes, I can always find a way to blame her ;0).

Enjoying ice-cream with friends at a dairy/creamery. I think it's hilarious how the girls are holding their cones. It reminds me of the wedding photographers'/coordinators' warning to the bridesmaids about how NOT to hold their bouquets.
Alden gets even with mommy and daddy for once-again withholding ice-cream by eating hay while we are distracted by Rhianwen's jumping.
We let Rhianwen stay up late one night to chase fireflies outside. This was her first introduction to them. What fun! A couple of nights later daddy put some in her butterfly cage so that she could watch them while she went to sleep. Fireflies are one of my favorite creatures. They are so magical...that is until you remember why they are flashing.


  1. Awesome. Mom, how's the advance. I would have liked to have gone to that.

    Also, why they are flashing is magical, too. It's the same reasons humans flash one another... :-)

  2. The ice cream place looks like it was nice and country! Glad you were able to put some lightening bugs in her cage!

    I think I should just try to look wild and weird like Chip does in his pictures!!! I look so bad anyways---it might be better if I did it intentionally, HA!!

    As far as the advance conference, they have most of the sermons online at advancethechurch.com in mp3 format.

  3. so much fun!! I wish we lived closer so our families could hang out more. I love the picture of your two on the sofa. they are so adorable! i completely understand about the library...all three of mine are crazy around 1 with needing to be contained at the libarary. we do speed library time for a couple of times till they settle back down.

  4. What an adorable picture of the two of them together. That will be so neat for them to watch the caterpillars turn into butterflies too. I should do that sometime. Noah would love it.


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