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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ocean Isle

Watch out for a big picture blog. We had a nice little vacation at the beach with Wally's side of the fam. All in all it was perfect other than the night when Alden decided to stay up for 2h in the wee hours of the morning. We even had our own downstairs suite and Grandmama cooked gourmet meals 3x a day. Rhianwen was an angel, and Alden enjoyed the beach quite a bit 'though he wasn't as enthralled as Rhianwen was. The weather was amazing, not too hot or cold, and there were TONS of shells. We also saw many pelicans, dolphins, stingrays, fish, crabs, shrimp.

Alden trying his hand at digging a huge hole (daddy did most of the work).

Trying out the skim board.

Crabbing. Well, the adults crabbed, Rhianwen and Alden played with Aunt Clara and watched the bucket for us.

"Finally, I can relax and finish reading this novel."

Having fun with Great Mama and PaPa.

Just some of the things Alden enjoys about the beach.

This was one of my favorite times at the beach. BOTH Rhianwen and Alden were having fun together.

Enjoying ice-cream and a late stroll on the pier.

First time in a bunk bed (she slept on the bottom, but even that was high). We figured the ladder would keep her in.

I though this was a funny picture with Uncle Brooks and Aunt Clara. Alden was just not feelin' it.

Rhianwen loves goofing off with Uncle Averett.

Rhianwen's version of dominoes...dumping them out, finding matching colors, then filling the box up with them.

Rhianwen didn't only play on the beach. She also donned her life-vest and body surfed on top of daddy's back. Amazing! I wish I had gotten pics of that!

Back at home, we're making a hard adjustment to normal life. Rhianwen came down with a stomach bug which wasn't too bad but kept me busy. Alden got into all kinds of things that day! Notice that I hadn't even snapped up his romper...I have to get used to taking care of kids again ;0)

Next up, the mountains with my family. We like to pack it in!


  1. Really nice pics---looks wonderful. Love Rhi's hat. Hey, you won't get gourmet in the mountains (since my cholesterol went up just from adding a little oil, a little fish and chicken once or twice a week, and some chocolate and coffee--I am back to strick vegan)--so if you want gourmet you will have to bring your own...booo hooo.

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! Thanks for posting pics! Your mom cooks/eats vegan? Impressive!!! That sounds yummy! We have lots of friends here who are vegetarian or vegan. :)

  3. Looks like good times. I want to go to the beach now.

  4. Looks like such fun! I loved Alden taking a quick drink from the puddle. :-) Andrew wore that same blue lion romper when he was Aldens age. I saw it going through some of his old clothes last night .. snif

  5. What a beautiful picture of the two kiddos sitting together in the water! I love Alden's face in that one.


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