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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do Doctors Eat?

This is what Rhianwen asked me the other day. I said, "Yes. Uncle Robeson is a doctor. Have you seen him eat?" Rhianwen said, "Yes...Uncle Robeson is a doctor?!". She was pretending to be a doctor, so it was important that she get that detail correct. I assume Uncle Robeson eats pretty well now that he's married to Aunt Natalie (another person that Rhianwen pretends to be). Here's how the doctor scenario played out at our house:

Rhianwen to Alden: What do you need for your checkup?
Alden (not too thrilled): Um...Nothing.
Rhianwen: That happens at the end.

Being baseball players.

Alden is getting to be such a big boy. He's expressing himself in bigger complete sentences. After watching a Reading Rainbow episode on rollercoasters, he said to me at dinner, "If I go on a rollercoaster, I will roll and roll and roll, and it will bonk my head on the meatballs." Hmm. I think this child is confusing On Top of Spaghetti and rollercoastering. Another time, Wally spoke for Corwin and said, "Alden, tell me about the world." Alden said, "God made it!". It's just so fun to hear how he thinks. Alden can be so sweet, but then he can also be very reactive in a boy way.

Spring is here, and we spend most of our time outside! Somehow, the house is still a mess.

And now for some videos:

Alden caught it at the end, but somehow it's not on here. Ah, technical difficulties. Rhianwen suggested letting it go into the sky, but I think you're not supposed to for some reason...confuses birds or causes major catastrophes like more holes in the ozone??? Not sure...

Corwin has a new best friend. He likes to talk to him and chuckle at him and stare at him until he is lulled to sleep. The appearance of Corwin's big brother didn't even distract him from lovingly staring into his eyes. It makes me realize where they got the idea for gargoyles...babies must love them!

Daddy is talented not only at getting Corwin back to sleep in the middle of the night but also at entertaining him. It's amazing how men are just wired differently than women. I cuddle, he...well, he makes farting noises. (Sorry about the "enter text here" thing...I don't feel like redoing it...you can fill in your own thoughts...ha!).

This week brings a lot of busyness. Saying goodbye to some good friends, a family wedding, Corwin's baptism, Wally out of town, and a well-visit. Yikes! Trying to stay calm and just tackle what I can. Blogging is my form of procrastination.


  1. AWESOME post! :) Love the question about doctors and that she pretends to be us!!! Can't wait to see you all this summer and to have the cousins meet. I think it is so funny how funny men are with babies too! Benj. is quite entertained by R as well. See you soon!

  2. I love the expression of Rhi's face in the baseball cap photo--it just captures the excitement of living!
    The video with Daddy reminds me of something I would do ;-)....so it is not a guy thing , but a personality thing! So funny about the cookie monster penetrating gaze!! Ps. I am having my surgery on April 1--6 weeks with boot and 2 with special shoe. Hope to see you Sunday!

  3. Tell Rhianwen that Ken also likes to eat very very VERY much!

    I don't know how it is possible but your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter. I love the picture of Rhianwen and Alden in their baseball hats.

    Cookie Monster is such a great babysitter! What is his hourly rate? Whatever it is, I'll pay it!

    Poor gassy Corwin! You aren't supposed to feed him beans for another few months.

  4. So adorable. I'm a huge Cookie Monster fan myself (as is Els ... am considering some sort of Sesame St. theme for her birthday)

    Hope you're making it through your week! I've got hives just from reading about it!

  5. You guys should alternate which side of the swing you put cookie monster on, or Corwin is liable to get a crooked neck! Ha ha ha. So funny.


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