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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Climbing Our Way to Christmas

I almost just want to make this a photo-journal post of Corwin's many summits, but I have a few other cute things that need to be said. Corwin is walking more and more and is happiest when he is on top of something.

He loves loves crayons. Unfortunately, he wants to eat them, but occasionally, he likes putting them in small crevices for me to retrieve. He doesn't want to stop at the chair, but will continue onto the table and attempt a scramble to the top of the art holder. By the end of the day, I'm pretty whooped from all of the scrambling to get him down off of things and from my climber prevention measures!

See heeyah, it's curtains for you.

Basically, if you leave anything on the floor near anything else, it will be used as a step to the top.

Ready or not, grandmama, here we come to your house...

When NannyKim innocently asked the kids what they like about Christmas, they immediately said, "Christmas Cookies!". And that clued me in to the fact that I'm in for it for the next 20 or so years.

But, I must say, this has been the calmest cookie year yet. Just look at this guy taking it seriously.

I also have to say, I am still horrible at doing this with others. I guess I am way to micromanaging in cookies and gift-wrapping. I like to go about it slowly and methodically, not with people constantly starting new things, or needing help, or asking questions, or picking noses, or nearly piercing their eyes out with scissors. By the end of it, I am usually grumpy. I hope I will improve in this area before they are too old or wise to want to do it with me.

As you can see, they got a little creative. The round blob is Rhianwen's attempt at baby Jesus (she ate him...I hope this is not sacrilegious), and the long things are worms by Alden (he just did not want to make them into candy-canes). Rhianwen told me, "I love food! I wish I could eat as much as mooses eat!" (that would be at least 40lb./day).

Decorating. I now slap it on and hope it's done in 15 minutes. We also made gingerbread men, and Alden decorated them while Rhianwen and Daddy went on their date (to Behold the Lamb concert). He put chocolate chips on them, and told me, "He's peeing.", each time he put one down between their legs. It finally dawned on me what he was doing, and I asked, "Peeing? Is that his ti**n*kle?." "Yeah," said Alden. We have many that are peeing.

We've been enjoying the advent tree just as much this year as ever.

Here's Alden in orange putting up one for the day. (He loves wearing ALL orange even if it's Clemson orange with Tennessee orange...ick!).

Each year we go to the bookstore and let the kids pick out one Christmas book per child. Alden got one that plays Hark the Herald Angels Sing (his favorite carol which we have sung for a year and a half straight at bedtime). This year I also got a book from the library about Christmas traditions around the world. I was reading about Mexico's, and read, "In Mexico, Christmas is called Navidad." I turned to Alden and said, "Can you say Navidad?". He said, "No." "No?", I said, "Yes you can!". Alden said, "No, I can only say Bob." And therein lies our problem...

Thank you, Aunt Clara, for the fun Christmas plates and cups!

This year, the NCMLS did not do their typical Christmas exibit, but instead, had an entire room full of trains travelling through a NC winter. They made many of the replicas out of natural items like leaves for the rooves, acorn caps for cups and the tops of masts etc. It was very neat, but I don't think it stays true to the museum which is really supposed to be hands-on.

Watching the trains. You can tell he just wants to jump the fence.

We've been memorizing Luke 2. Rhianwen has done a fabulous job. I get worse as it goes b/c I have heard and memorized it in so many versions!!!

(This video is long, so don't say I didn't warn you).

We are Nutcracker crazy here. They love watching and dancing and drawing and reading about it! We are finally breaking down and giving her ballet lessons as her Christmas gift (secret...so don't tell her yet!!!). She's been persistently asking me for them for a year.

Merry Christmas! Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! (Is. 60:1).


  1. Wowsa. She'll have the whole NT memorized in short order.

  2. Man, I could never have done all that memorizing at any age! I , too, get all the versions mixed up. She is very good at drawing too!

    As far as eating Jesus the RC wouldn't have a problem with that, lol.

    Corwin....Corwin...what can I say?

    Alden...is too cute.

  3. Oh my, I laughed out loud many times during this! Eating the baby Jesus, wanting to eat like moose, peeing reindeer, the "Bob" vocabulary .... awesome. And Corwin sounds like stories I've heard about my mom when she was a baby. Exhausting! But very entertaining to those of us who just get to enjoy the pictures.

  4. I was getting nervous just looking at the photos of Corwin up on top of things. What a climber!

    Know what I love as much as Rhianwen's comment about wanting to eat as much as a moose? That you know how many pounds of food they eat. Ha!

    Great job with Luke 2, Rhianwen!


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