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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Up to

No excuses, lots of pictures! I wonder if there is a limit to one post. Guess we'll see. Here we go.

Taking a ride out on the rode with Uncle Christopher and daddy.

Aw, we love you, Uncle Christopher!

These guys got way cuter. They're flown and fighting over mates. Now we have 4 new eggs in our birdhouse.

Corwin: "Look dad, this is how it's done."

She's gettin' good at the cartwheels.

Dinner with friends. I love having a kid table.

I forget now what he said this was. It was something...I just like how he is spreading it as thin as he can.

Ah, mealtime with a toddler. I often wonder how they stay alive..very little eating occurs in that chair. (Note the dirty socks).


Ooo. Corwee doesn't know what he's in for. Those 2 can make some big splashes.

My trellis that my honeysuckle was growing on fell, but look what we found inside! A hummingbird nest!

Excited about her new apron.

Happy birthday celebration for mommy is so much more fun now that we have kids who are excited for me...or maybe it's just for the cheesecake!

Rhianwen had her little dance observation day. Daddy got to come and see too. She LOVES dance.

So sweet.

She was so funny about the turns. Just couldn't figure out which way or when to go.

With her dance partner.

With her teacher, Miss Brenda.

Then it was off to Grandmama's where they dressed up royally. Alden says he wants to be a knight when he grows up. We told him that may be a little difficult in this day and age. Rhianwen says she want to be an airplane pilot or a ballerina. I guess she is keeping her horizons wide open.

Wiff my baby. He jus' growin' so fast.

She finally donned the wig. She's never liked it very much.

Feeding the chickens. Corwin had a blast.

They pretend the trailer is a spaceship.


We saw Benjamin get baptized. Corwin just wanted so badly to touch Benj's nose.

The next generation minus Wally.

He did not like being covered in green frosting. SO funny.

First shoe tied on her own. Sniff sniff, excuse me while I get a kleenex.

What brothers are for.

Supermaaan, needs a haircut.

He just flew on down to our local barber shop.

Aw yeah. Hair cut, lollipop in had, watch out ladies.

SO totally sad that he's not going with daddy to work.


He just wishes he could camp too.

Roasting marshmallows, a must if you are camping with kids. This was their first campout ever. We did it in our backyard.

Actually, I should say Wally did it in our backyard. I ate marshmallows and had a good night's sleep in my own bed minus the wake-up calls from Corwin.

They made it all night long!

Corwin is giving lots of hugs these days. It is so so wonderful. If you ever need your spirits lifted, just come over and get a hug from him.

We also went to the NCHE convention in Winston Salem where my parents took care of the kids while we got a crash course on surviving and attempting homeschooling and also where we bought some curriculum. It was great. I wish I had pictures b/c it was SUCH a special time with Grandpa and NannyKim. The kids had a blast.

Lastly some funny quotes:

Me: I wish I knew how to do my hair better than I do.
Rhianwen: Well....I could teach you.

Rhianwen to the Dr. at Corwin's well-visit about her and Alden's career aspirations: We can be like a mommy and daddy, like picking up and making chocolate chip cookies.

Alden to Rhianwen who was having trouble cutting something out: If God was here and you were cutting, I would ask Him to help you!
(I guess Alden didn't think he, himself, was capable of helping her on that one).
Rhianwen's response: No, Alden. I don't want help.


  1. I didn't want to say it, but that was a looooong wait for the members of the Tinsley Fan Club. You guys do such fun stuff and have such great kids. Each of us is blessed to know your guys! You'll do GREAT at HSing!

  2. Great pics, videos, and quotes. Corwin looks so much like alden after getting his hair cut. Perhaps the mirror confuses Rhi--everything is topsy turvy when looking in a mirror

  3. You did a wonderful job with these posting. Thanks for sharing what God has blessed you with - great children!

  4. Great pics! Love the video of Rhi doing ballet...priceless! Corwin's haircut is cute! Looks like he did a great job staying still. :)

  5. What a sweet little ballerina you have there!


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