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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

J Term

Our church has a J term for Sunday school. How strange. Can I name this feeling of middle of the yearness of homeschooling J term? Wally and I, well, maybe I should say, I am contemplating what we should pursue next year in the schooling realm. I have loved homeschooling, and I want to do it. But daily I see my sinful attitudes coming out in the most dreadful ways, and I don't want to ruin my children's ability to learn freely b/c of worry about my personal baggage. Wally says this is NOT a good reason to pursue charter schools again, but I'm not so sure. He's convinced that this year has proven that this is what is best, which, I must say, is encouraging...I mean how discouraging would it be if he thought it was abysmal? I am convinced an important and overlooked aspect of education is relational, buuut if I can't model it well, what then? I know many would say that modeling repentance and forgiveness is very important, but realistically, their going to get it the rest of the time they are with me. Why should they have to suffer through it 24/7? Such have been my thoughts lately.

Ok. Time to lighten up.

Isn't he just adorable? Corwin has taken to wearing hats on a regular basis.

Totally fun playdoh time. Thank you so much Elizabeth and Abby for the wonderful homemade playdoh! We LOVE it, although I am always tempted to make gingerbread cookies every time we open it b/c it smells so good. Rhianwen even made "moon-tracks" with the little Playmobile people. I love how I see them incorporate little things from our school studies when they play. It's so encouraging and makes me feel even if I am not super creative, they cover that area just fine without me.

Case in point? I may need to be concerned.

Nah. No need for concern. He's just learning a new culture and language...that always comes with a little identity crisis, right?

Along with cutting....


So thrilled to get a dance outfit for Mari-Grace in the mail from Grandmama today!

Some funny things from the Tinsley 3:

Rhainwen recieved post-it notes for Christmas from Grandaddy and Grandmama (I think). Wally told her they were used to write reminders. So Rhianwen drew a rainbow on one because "a rainbow reminds me of how God said He would never flood the earth again".

When told a unit of time, such as "It'll be in around 15 minutes." Rhianwen will say, "How many seconds is that?". I overheard her telling a story to herself (something she does nearly all of the time), "She was so happy that she hugged her parents for 33 minutes and kissed them 10x." Yeah, we haven't gotten to time in our math yet. That's my excuse....

Corwin is talking more and more. He loves saying "Moe" for yes or more. So if you ask him if he wants to go outside, and he says "Moe", he means yes. He's pooping and peeing in the potty on occasion. He often says "Yes, m" when I reprimand him which just melts my heart.

Alden is a little mischeivous one. He often thinks he has the most convincing arguments and excuses:
Wally: Do you understand?
Alden: Yes sir.
Wally: What did I say?
Alden: Ah....I understand you, but I did not hear you.

Last night 8:30pm:
Alden: Mommy, Rhianwen is keeping me awake because she is calling for you.
Me: Why is she calling for me?
Alden: Because I am making noise.
Me: What kind of noise?
Alden: Snoring...(sees my look of disapproval)...Daddy said I could snore!!! He said it was ok!
Me: It is not ok to snore. Go back to bed and be quiet.

Later, this account is relayed to Wally.

Wally: At supper time, Alden asked what if they were still awake at 8:30pm, and I said they'd better be snoring by then.

Sure you don't want to come for a visit? ;0)


  1. ha, those quotes were hilarious!

  2. May be he will be speaking Spanish clearly before English!

  3. Love the language video! Benjamin kept asking to watch it over and over. He thoroughly enjoyed mimicking Corwin. These 2 would enjoy speaking Spanish together! :) Excited to come to celebrate Corwin!


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