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Thursday, August 29, 2013

My 5 Year Old Boy

Here are my 2 big kids harvesting their carrots. We had many more, and they actually were edible too.

Alden turned 5 almost a month ago with a big robot birthday bash. He felt very special, and it was a fun and cheap way to decorate (see bottom of post for a few decoration pics).
We always sing happy birthday first thing in the morning.
 Looking through the kaleidoscope from Great Grandpa.
Putting together the spy station. All 3 love this toy. I almost freaked out reading the box that said something like: "380 pieces!". Oxygen please...or maybe a paper bag....what was I thinking?! But they've done pretty well keeping it all within a 3 foot vicinity of headquarters.

To start off the party, everyone made a robot pizza made from prebaked pizza crust cut in rectangles, circles, and ovals. It came out really cute, and they actually ate it for lunch too.

I read The 3 Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot. It is officially Corwin's favorite story (my older kids loved it too). After we returned it to the library, he'd ask for it constantly and get very sad when he found out it was gone. I'm trying to decide if I really want to purchase it for him or leave it as a temporary joy.
Then it was on to practicing to be robots. The first task was Assembly. I printed out pictures of real robots performing all of the tasks. For assembly, all of the kids were to make their own Lego creation. I think they could have spent the entire party just doing this one thing. They were quiet, intent, and worked together really well.
The next station was Exploration (like the Mars Rover). Everyone collected soil samples etc. and then brought them back for "testing". I wish I had a real chemistry set, but food coloring and water and ice trays had to suffice.

Next was Combat where we had an all out Drone war with water balloons. Of course, following that was Trash Disposal (Roomba) to pick up all of the balloon pieces. Then the last station was Reconnaissance to recover the treasure.

 Reconnaisance...so easy to set up and fun.
 Alden specified that he wanted a sun cake with sprinkles for the robots' lights. I have no idea what he was envisioning really, but I had to stick some Lego robots on for good measure. He seemed to be very pleased with it.

We were blessed to have both sets of Grandparents at the party. What a special time!
Some things about my big Aldi-boy. He loves to be a helper especially in tasks that he thinks are special or truly important. He has a sweet gentle side, but he can also have a coniving sneaky side used to edge his way into getting his way especially with Corwin. He likes to feel like the big kid and enjoys hovering over Corwin to help him or to stick his oar in whenever he can even if Corwin loudly protests. He still has a little shy sweet smile with a tucked chin and averted eyes that just melts my heart. He loves physical affection. He usually asserts his independence with Rhianwen but then backs out of it after she pesters him enough or cries enough to get her way. He is energetic and has a funny little high energy dance and swagger all his own. He wants to be a soccer player when he grows up and is quite good at it, I think. He has a high tolerance for discomfort if he is sold on the adventure. However, if he is hungry, all bets are off; you'd better feed that kid right away or you both will be swooning. Some days I can't keep up with his metabolism, but the Dr. says he couldn't be healthier. He has started homeschool Kindergarten this year and doing wonderfully with being taught. He says that "Nothing is past Heaven" meaing nothing is something but not really.
Love this boy to pieces, 'though I need to show him more. I pray that he'll look back and realize how loved he is. I also pray that he will learn how vast and wide and deep is the love of Christ for him. Where my love fails so often, Christ's love is steady and strong. I will disappoint, but I pray that Alden will rest in God's everlasting love for him.

I LOVE decorating with library books. I feel like a total genius ;0) I also used old cds and foil wrapped boxes, slinkies, and trash for a robot.
 There were quite a few kids who thought the giant 5 was cool.

 The centerpiece at the table had Alden's random robot toys--happy meal transformers, hexbugs (which the kids enjoyed) etc.

The funny sun cake with Lego robots.  

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  1. Sooooo wished we could have come!!! Looks so much fun! We sure do love Alden...such a sweet guy! :)


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