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Monday, January 13, 2014

Gingerbread and Yellow

My little ones whom I totally don't deserve. I long for their joy and innocence sometimes. 

At the Christmas tree farm awaiting a "train" ride.

Anyone want to start the advent tree?

Homeschooling it: making a version of Greek pizza. Ancient Greece was known for their delicious bread; yes, English muffins are a poor substitute, but you can't beat feta, olive oil, and kalamata olives.

Legomaniac...do you know the tune?

Somehow making Christmas cookies was not the disaster I thought it would be this year. My kids are growing up...sniff sniff. When asked what he wanted to for Christmas, Corwin replied,"Um. Gingerbread." He got some at Grandmama's. Love the simple requests.

My guys were cracking up over this easy reader. Often Corwin can fill in the words before Alden reads them, not b/c Corwin can read, mind you, but b/c he can predict. I find it fascinating.
Seeing a bit of Christmas at Duke Homestead. Here they are discussing gingerbread.

Not exactly Willow Tree, but it's close.

Reading with Marie Grace.

Leaving treats for Santa. Corwin thought that Santa would still be here on Christmas morning and was a little upset when he wasn't. Somehow he didn't get the memo that Santa is daddy.

Happy birthday dear Jesus!

A new microscope for our homeschool. Alden is especially fascinated.

Silk from Uncle Christopher and Hannah. I had contemplated getting this over the years, and never have. Now that I see how much she has enjoyed dressing up with it and dancing with it flowing around, I am glad someone was intelligent enough to make the purchase :)

"A drum for me." So fun.

Roller-coaster of K'nex...do you know the tune I'm thinking? 

 Since I left my camera at home (no new camera yet, so of course I forgot), I did not get any pics of our quick trip to York! Hopefully I'll get some from my fam.

Once back, we decided to do major regrouping, and put the boys together in one room and Rhianwen in her own room. She finally has her pink room, of which, sad to say, I do not have good pics. So you'll just have to imagine. Suffice it to say that her room glows. You can see a glow emanating as you walk down the hall or if you are in the piano room. It is not a bright pink, but it is pink. I never knew it glowed like that. But she adores it and feels so absolutely special. That's one of the things I like about January, simplifying, rearranging, and improving. If only my heart were as easy to clean up and organize as those rooms. Ah well. Then I guess, I wouldn't need Jesus, and that would be an awful place to be.

Now we are moving on to Corwin's birthday.

Me: What kind of a birthday do you want, Corwin?
Corwin: Um. Yellow.
Me: Oh. Ok...

I have a plan. Hopefully he'll be happy with it :)


  1. O, I love your blogs and the pictures too! I'm sure the BD is going to be a smash hit! How could I not be?!

  2. I think you will have to frame Corwin's old monster pajamas! ...or at least frame part of them.

    I love Rhi's room color by the way--

  3. This year Andrew got a microscope and K'nex and Elsbeth got silks. So funny! Loved getting caught up. Your blog always brightens my day and inspires me. :-)

  4. Yay! I'm all caught up. I am actually reading this shortly after it was posted and not months later!
    I'm looking forward to a picture of Rhianwen's room


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