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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Frozen Dance Camp

Rhianwen was so totally thrilled that she could go to dance camp at her studio North Carolina Dance Institute where they did crafts, dances, and even got to watch the movie Frozen. At the end of the week they did a performance for all of the families. It was so cute and fun for her! She was the "future Elsa" and got to dance with an older student who assisted that week and who was so sweet to all the little ones.

Wally got pics with his phone (I'm too lazy to crop). Rhi is in a few classes with the other little girl in the picture.

Alden's head made it in this one :)

Ta daaaa!

For those of you (grandmas) who want to watch most of it, you can see below (click on the next one for the ending--my memory card filled up, and Wally had to do the rest on his phone---also, we cut out the In Summer dance since Rhi was not in it...her dance instructor said she was too mature for that one :):

I'm so thankful she has something that is so fun and enjoyable that builds her confidence. I'm praying God will use it in amazing ways as she grows. Because we are Sabbatarians her opportunities are limited (for example, can't audition for the professional Nutcracker which takes children from all kinds of studios in the area b/c half of their rehearsals are on Sundays.) But we know God has given her this talent for a reason even if it will not be used to its fullest in this life, she will still have those skills in the life to come. We are thankful too for her submissive spirit to His ways. One day, those decisions will be completely her own, but for now she rests in our convictions and believes them as well.

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