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Monday, October 20, 2014

Yay, Verily, Yay!

My brother Christopher got married (said in squealy, happy voice) to a wonderful lovely person! We are so happy to be able to officially call Hannah an Aunt and Sista!

The most gorgeous couple of 2014 along with their nephews and niece.

Looking dapper in the hat Christopher and Hannah gave him.
Do you see why we are thrilled? Hannah is so down to earth and fun.
All spiffed up.
The kids did a great job in their roles. Alden was the ring bearer and Rhianwen was a flower girl. Wally was an usher and was also responsible for helping open the enormous cathedral doors to reveal Hannah in all her splendor. Pretty awesome job. I got to enjoy it from the pew with Corwin.

Writing notes to Christopher and Hannah.
My dad and other brother, Skipper. Skip did a great job being the best man.

Time to party!
Dancing with her little brother. 
Dancing with my handsome boy.
Can you tell we danced a lot? It was way to special to miss out.
A look into the future? I hope so :)
Dancing with Grandpa. Might be the only time, unless he does at her wedding :)
Did anyone say cake?
I just am so looking forward to spending family get togethers with the 2 of them! Thankful for God's providence. I've prayed for this moment for years.

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