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Friday, August 17, 2007

Well, We Moved

My amazing family came up for the weekend and helped us move everything to the new house. Grandma Nanny Kim played with Rhianwen and helped clean! Thank you for all of your help; your work is very appreciated. Thank you everyone else for all of your prayers! We know they are working! We feel very loved and cared for!

Last days in the rental house:

I find this intriguing!

The cat spent most of the day here.

Now for the hard part! Renovation work while living in chaos. Rhianwen has done fabulously in the new situation. I've set her room almost completely up, Moley-Ratty painting and all. Her room needs painting, but that will wait until other parts of the house are in order. She seems to love having her own space especially since the rest of the house has mountains of boxes, tools, dust, paint, and furniture scattered about almost haphazardly.

"Anything need measuring?"

Now that we have a yard, I am dying to get her some shoes, but where to get them? What size? How much am I willing to pay? It's insane the amount of money you can pay for a pair of baby shoes...$56 anyone? No joke! And she will grow out of them in a couple of months! I have been entertaining delusional thoughts of trying to make my own...I mean the Romans did it back in the day right? Just get some leather, cut some straps and holes, and walla...nice sandals. Well, maybe it was a tad more complicated.

"You say I'm supposed to run through that?"

Other new things in the life of this 10 month old: Rhianwen has discovered the joy of cuddling! She loves all of her stuffed animals now and will pick on up and squeeze it close to her face with a contended smile. At playgroup she even tried to "steal" a little one from a 5 month old who is totally incapable of defending himself as all babies at that age are. Very funny. Rhianwen went to her first birthday party this past weekend as well and had lots of fun running around with her little friend but didn't seem to notice the big gifts being opened. She was more interested in the toys that were already out of the boxes! Lastly, she has been more interested in eating with utensils and will sometimes put the spoon in her mouth instead of banging it around on the chair or slinging food with it.

(Sorry about the pixelated pics...yet another Dropshots problem. When will they have it done?...don't know!)

1 comment:

  1. there must be a place for cheaper shoes? Overstock.com or yard sales or goodwill!! That is if the previous kid didn't wear them much!! hey you need to update the renovation tracker thing!! nag, nag,nag. ;-)


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