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Sunday, January 20, 2008


It did snow here in NC! It began when Rhianwen went down for a nap. We waited patiently expecting she would get up...1.5h, no wakefulness, 2h, nope, 2h 15 min...Wally, "Can I get her up?". Yep, we did. We woke her up. She's never taken such a long nap! It was almost dark by the time we got her up and she wasn't too thrilled about being wakened. But when I pulled up her blinds and said, "Look, Rhianwen, what's that?" she immediately perked up as she saw all of the white stuff on the ground and falling out of the sky. She still seemed a little confused when instead of sitting down for her normal after-nap snack of yogurt, she got whisked into a bundle of hat, scarf, gloves, coat, and boots, and out the front door.

"What am I doing out here?"

When I made snowballs and threw them at daddy, Rhianwen didn't like the fact that the balls got all broken to smithereens. She held on to hers!

"You want me to throw it?"

She did get excited about being out there. As with anything new, she remained very serious the entire time, but explored and wanted us to sled her down the hill.

Other events of the week: Rhianwen found a crayon and scribbled on the stoop to the family room, she climbed on top of the dining room table and poured Coke all over herself and knocked over the candles (not burning), ate detergent out of the dishwasher (just a bit off the finger)...and that was all in one morning! I was glad for playgroup that day. She's also decided that she wants to sit at the table with us, so doesn't want the tray to her booster seat anymore. We went out to a Chinese restaurant with her on Friday night. She did GREAT! It was the first time we've gone to a semi-nice place with her as a toddler. She loved her chicken tenders and dipped them in ketchup, a favorite accompaniment to any meal now adays...she even dipped her Ramen noodles in ketchup...

"Mmm, yummy ketchup."

Rhianwen has really enjoyed coloring in the past few days. She loves watching me draw (what you can see in the pic below is mostly my stuff, there are also faint scribbles all over that are harder to see that are Rhianwen's contribution). I think it may be time to get some coloring books. It's making me want to color! Yes, I know I am strange, but I do find coloring relaxing. Give me a break, I can't draw or paint like my brother, so all I have left is to color someone else's subpar drawings of Barbie or whatever ;0)

The little artist at work.

She's been adding a new word almost every day to her vocabulary. Some new ones this week: Snowing, Rhianwen (though she still has some work to do on that one), Maddy (a combination of mommy and daddy...her own coined word).

The video below shows some of her budding vocabulary; the first name Wally wanted her to say was Moses...


  1. I am super impressed by all of yer new vocabulary!! Amazing, she is on a roll.

    I always think it is so funny to see how serious she is when something is new, as in the snow pictures!!

    Thanks for the long post!!

  2. I totally love to color. The first couple times I brought out the crayons, Andrew just wanted to eat them, but the last time (given with the children's menu at a local restaurant), he actually did it! I was so excited!

    He words amaze me. I think Abraham was my favorite. Wow. Have I mentioned that Andrew can say "tea"? :-)

  3. That was supposed to be "HER words amaze me." Just in case you were wondering.

  4. I love to color, too. That's not so weird!

    I'm so jealous you got snow!

    Great vocabulary! I can't believe how well she can say her name.

  5. I got snow here, too, and was just as flabbergasted. Didn’t get to sled, though.


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