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Sunday, January 27, 2008


It was a mommy week this week. Rhianwen came down with a bit of a cold along with molars coming in still. The only person who seemed to make her satisfied/happy was mommy, which in most cases is great since mommy is the main person who hangs out with her all day! Still, even the nursery workers noticed a difference and asked if something had changed. One of my friends commented that it may also have to do with sensing change in the air with the new baby on the way. Who knows? It could be all of the above, but she certainly is in a mommy mood right now. I love getting to actually cuddle a bit with her (I've waited 15+ months for this!) :) She's been very huggy and kissy this week. Even though she treated me as a celeb yelling out my name every time she saw me or thought I was leaving, Rhianwen did have fun with daddy too. To give mommy a break while I was cooking supper, daddy built a nice tent/fortress out of boxes that are slated for the attic and a bunch of blankets.

Rhianwen also loves going outside before devotions and cuddling up under a really heavy wool blanket and looking at the moon and stars with daddy. Mommy seldom ventures out into the cold but has promised to do so when the weather is more welcoming.

We also got to see Wally's cousins, aunt, and first cousins once removed (aka Rhianwen's second cousins who are 2ish and 4ish). They actually dared to come into our house where they were amazed at our gorgeous paint-splattered linoleum and my wedding portrait that was hanging way up near the ceiling...I just was seeing if it would look right on that wall, and the only nail that was there was from the advent tree (a much larger longer thing)...anyhoo...they must have thought it strange. Rhianwen did a great job sharing her toys...even with the big cousins who loved her aqua-doodle.

Today Rhi built her most elaborate duplo structure yet and without any help from us! It's so neat to see her developing her coordination and imagination all at the same time.

A new word for the week is: "ssage" otherwise translated as massage. It's been so dry and cold here that Rhianwen's skin has gotten chapped and dry too, so after bath every night I give her a nice lotiony massage. I envy her :)


  1. Just a note about the "mommy" stage--When you turned about 15 months you did not want to be left in the nursery. How old is Rhi? It may be a combo of things---I wonder if there is a mommy stage ;-)

  2. On the dry skin, you may have to not bathe her every night, if the lotion isn't enough. Kara's skin can't take the nightly bath at this point. And since we aren't outside getting all sweaty its ok with me.

  3. Tell Rhianwen that she better be careful, because the next time I'm in town, the aquadoodle is MINE!!!


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