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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's a Boy!

My dad was right! He was insisting it was a boy. Even before conception, dad asked, "So, when is Rhianwen going to have a little brother?". After we were pregnant, we tried to warn him by saying, "Dad, we just tried for a baby, not necessarily a boy!". Guess we didn't have to worry about dashing his hopes! His predictions can be pretty uncanny sometimes. For example, he told me I would marry Wally, and this was the semester after I met him (we hadn't even started dating yet).

And yes, we are certain it's a boy. The ultrasound tech didn't even have to tell us although she concurred with our exclamations. We are so excited! And the great thing is that all of our friends around here are having boys too. So, he should have plenty of friends his age! Everything measured about right. The due date according to the ultrasound is July 10. So we will see. One or 2 days early isn't a big deal to us. They did say that his one of his kidneys is measuring a little large (just over the threshold) so we will have another ultrasound at 28 weeks. They said it was nothing to worry about, but hopefully it will be fine for real!

Now for the choosing of names. Yes, we did have one picked out on the off chance that Rhianwen was a boy, but now that it is for real, I just have to go back and think about it some more.

A good profile (wrinkled by Rhianwen on the way home).

I said to Wally, "He looks like you!!!", then I said, "Well, maybe it's just because he is so skinny." :)

A 3D profile with his nose to the right.

A front shot with half his mouth open. Reminds me of an old time gangster on those cops and robber films from the 20's and 30's. His arm is on the right next to his face and there is a loop of umbilical cord around it.

As far as we could tell, he is not a thumb sucker like Rhianwen was; during her ultrasound, she had it in or near her mouth the entire time. He was super active the whole time, unlike Rhianwen's ultrasound where they had to jiggle my belly to try to determine her gender etc. Time will only tell what he really is like!


  1. Yeah! Our boys will be able to play together. He looks adorable!
    Love, Elizabeth

  2. Yay! Congratulations! Now you'll have one of each too. I can't wait to hear the name you choose for him.

  3. Wow--it is amazing how much you can see--It is so weird to look at him and realize he he he HE is in your tummy. You should make a picture of him from these and frame it for Rhi or for you ;-)

  4. How exciting! Funny, a baby boy seems like such a foreign concept to me. I do want one of them too though! :o)

    It is amazing how much detail you can see already. What a miracle babies are!

    It was so good to get to see you this past weekend. You look great!

  5. Yea, a boy! I have absolutely ADORED having a son. Oddly enough, Phil had kinda wanted a girl ... his disappointment lasted all of .25 seconds (of course) and now he says to me on a regular basis, "You know, having Andrew has been so much fun, I think I just might want another boy!" I'm sure if we are given the gift of another baby and it turns out to be a girl, his disappointment will last just as long. :-)

    Anyway, congratulations on such a fine looking young man.

  6. Clarification: It is not odd to want a baby girl. I have no doubt that baby girls are fabulous beyond words. It was just a little odd to me that Phil, the sports fanatic, wasn't dead set on having a son to raise for the express purpose of playing USC football one day.

    Rhianwen, I hope you weren't offended.


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