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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back-up blogging

Mommy spent all day in bed today after having spent all night sick to the stomach. Rhianwen and Daddy stayed away all day, but did not go to church for fear of being contagious.

So, in Eowyn's absence, I am filling in with a brief post.

The week was a busy one, but a good one. I have a new fulltime engineer at work who is assigned to helping me. So, while that means I have had to spend a lot of precious time training him, it is a real blessing to have his assistance. At home the week followed the normal schedule until Saturday night when Eowyn did not feel well.

Over the weekend, we got a "new" light for $15 to hang in the dining room to replace the old fluorescent one. (The dining room was the kitchen before we moved in.) We hung a new mirror in the family room. We dug up some rose bushes, removed a rotted stump, and enjoyed playing in the yard.

New dining room light!

Rhianwen loves to "slide"...anywhere and on or in anything. She wants to be pushed down the hall just sitting on the floor (thanks to Daddy's suggestion.) She found that this box was a perfect substitute for the pants seat. So, Daddy pushed her round and round the kitchen and the family room while Mommy fixed supper on night this week.


  1. The light looks nice! I hope Eowyn is feeling better!

  2. Hope you are feeling better, Eowyn. Hopefully you can also avoid any other bugs as well along with Rhi and Wally.

  3. Stomach bugs are the worst!!! Hope you're feeling perky again really soon, Eowyn. And I'm impressed with all the yard work/light installation. I think it would take a year for us to accomplish so much. :-)

  4. It's easy, Eowyn. Just don't eat so many Fig Newtons. Duh. Everyone knows that.


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