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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Uncle Averett Is Cool!

That's what Rhianwen said at the supper table one night (see title). We don't have any idea why! She is so seemingly random sometimes! Another random act: Eating a hole through mommy's grocery list (while mommy was in the stupid self-checkout wondering why when she pressed the green leaf lettuce button the dumb computer said there was no such thing at the store but mommy knew there was b/c she had it in her hands...I hate self-checkout), then entertaining the people behind us by playing peekaboo through the hole at them. And I thought paper would be harmless! I kept wondering what they were laughing about....

Our good friends Allene and Bill came with their 2 girls, Kara and Sadie. We enjoyed dinner and play time with them and breakfast with them and our friends Andy and Charity. Kara even got to go for a spin with Rhianwen in the new bike trailer. What fun :)

Just think happy thoughts!

We tried out the "big pool", a public one, on Saturday afternoon. And much to mommy's surprise, it was uncrowded, and the kids there were well-behaved! We had lots of fun. Then Rhianwen had to play on the playground for a few minutes. She really enjoyed swinging on the bar above the slide, a new discovery for her.

Swinging with daddy was a treat too.

We're reaping the rewards of our garden and God's natural plantings of blackberries. We've enjoyed fresh broccoli, string beans, one ear of corn, and lots of blackberries. The top pic in this post is of Rhianwen smiling with a blackberry in her hand...loves them! I was surprised, b/c blackberries have kind of a tart taste to them.

Bringing in corn.

Mommy had a Dr. appointment on Tuesday where things are progressing a small amount, and Alden seems to still have a great heart beat and still is head down...rocket science...I know. Rhianwen helped mommy sew a cute pillow that matches the curtains in his room...well mostly she just enjoyed tearing apart the stuffing and giving it to mommy to put in the pillow. We're just waiting for his appearance. I predict late, but we'll see!


  1. Rhianwen's not the only one that chews holes in grocery lists. Anna will chew on anything she can get her hands on. I can't even leave her alone with a book because after she's done looking at it she'll chew it up. I don't get it, but I hope she gets over it soon. And by the way, WOW, I can't believe it's almost time for you to have that baby boy.

  2. I predict on time on a Saturday.

  3. i avoid self-checkout lines like the plague.

  4. Cool picture of Rhianwen on the bar at the top of the slide.

    Nice back porch. I feel like I am slowly getting a feel for your house through the pictures...

    Does Rhianwen always get so many dishes at dinner time?


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