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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're Still Alive

Whew! Wally's birthday and a trip to Grandmama's and Grandaddy's kept mommy away from the computer.

Happy birthday daddy...bright and early. Rhianwen digs the maglites, so did daddy.

We had a KFC dinner at home with some friends. And lemon poppy seed pound cake for dessert.

Wally conducts (just kidding....don't know what he is doing...oh, probably turning off the fan that is threatening to extinguish his candles) as we all sing Happy Birthday. (Please ignore the huge red blob holding the cake. We don't know where she came from...).

Rhianwen and her friend enjoying the festivities.

But the ultimate gift that both Rhianwen and daddy are super excited about:

I told you I'd get one ;) And, we just purchased a helmet for Rhianwen today, so watch out Lance Armstrong.

Then it was on to Grandmama's and Grandaddy's for a week while daddy worked on tiling the kitchen and dining room. Rhianwen had a blast as expected. We started off the weekend by going to Aunt Clara's first bridal shower where Rhianwen enjoyed a gourmet lunch, managed to hide Uncle Brooks' (Clara's fiance) lens cover in a plant, and went pee-pee on the toilet. Rhianwen very conveniently chose this week to up the anti on potty training. Mommy decided we need a little potty for the car. They just don't design rest areas with toddlers in mind. Getting back to the events of the week...We spent many days at the "big pool", she again played for hours with the Fisher Price clubhouse, eating fresh peaches, and enjoyed feeding chickens and a horse. Rhianwen also provided the mealtime entertainment and kept the entire household rolling with laughter. She really enjoyed repeating key phrases of dinner time conversation. Hearing all those big words coming from her was just too much.

Reading with the soon-to- be-wed couple, Clara and Brooks.

Writing with Grandmama.

'Rithmetic with Grandaddy? ...well, no. Grandaddy found a sparrow in the chicken feed and brought it in for Rhianwen to pet.

We fed Dan's horses some carrots. Rhianwen threw hers on the ground, but the horse didn't seem to mind. It's amazing how big horses are. Her head was as big as all of Rhianwen! Rhianwen was a little intimidated by such a big snuffling animal in her face. She refused to pet her. Oh well! She still had fun feeding her.

"Forget the Men in Black! Here comes the Tot in Pink with the big gun!"

Rhianwen had so much fun in the big pool. I think she could learn to swim with a few lessons. Doubt if that'll happen this summer though...just too busy!

Rhianwen learned to kick shoes off. This reminds mommy of the times that mommy and her brothers kicked shoes up on the roof of our house when we were kids. Dad loved it!

Mommy had a nice time too. Quite relaxing. Grandmama sent mommy to get a real pedicure ...the first one ever! It was amazing and my toes are pretty now too :)

A few nights Rhianwen got to say goodnight to daddy on the phone. It was SO adorable to hear her carry on a conversation. It would go something like this:

Daddy: Hi Rhianwen! I miss you.

Rhianwen: Daddy work on floor.

Daddy: Yes! That's right! I'm tiling the floor.

Mommy: Can you tell daddy what you did today?

Rhianwen: Played in big pool, sleeping.

Mommy: What did you feed?

Rhianwen: Horsie caddot.

When we finally got back to our house, Rhianwen took a look at the HUGE mess and said, "Daddy make mess!" Guess she wasn't too impressed with the floor, unlike mommy!

Now that the floor is done, we unpacked the few remaining boxes into the china cabinet and sideboard. These had previously been taking up lots of room in Alden's closet. So, we were able to organize his room today too. For the first time, Rhianwen really felt Alden kicking. She was sitting in my lap while I read a book, and Alden gave a bunch of huge kicks to Rhianwen's back. She turned and laughed and looked at me like I had done something, and I said, "You finally felt baby Alden kicking!" When it happened again, Rhianwen said, "Ha! Baby Alden kicking!" I was so excited b/c I thought we would go through the entire pregnancy without her feeling him inside of mommy.

Checking to see if the bouncy seat still functions. Already, we have the swing swinging, music playing, bouncy seat vibrating, and its music playing...I have a feeling we'll be going through a lot more C and D batteries with Rhianwen around.


  1. All those pictures are adorable. Looks like you had a great week and some relaxation!! This week will seem strange for Rhi, being back at home, May bEEEEEEEEEEE?!

  2. Great blog! I was wondering where you were. I kept checking for new blogs and when I didn't see one I wondered if you were just getting too tired these days!

    Looks like you had such a great time. That was so sweet of Wally's mom to send you for a pedicure. I know that must have felt heavenly. My mom used to give me pedicures when she would visit when I was pregnant. :o)

    Too cool that Rhianwen felt Alden kicking!

  3. Great post - sounds like a blast! (I'm starting to check your blog obessively to see if you've gone into labor). :-)

    I love it that Andrew pet horses, Rhianwen fed them carrots. Andrew played with birds' nests and eggs, Rhi pet a sparrow. :-)

    Way to go Wally with the floor! And happy birthday, by the way. The bike thing looks awesome. What is this Fisher Price club house? I'm trying to think of something exciting for Andrew's second birthday at the end of next month, and anything that provides hours of entertainment must be pretty great.

    Oh! And yes, that was an Ergo we borrowed for our dude ranch adventure. We loved it.

  4. oh, and I think it is a riot to see Rhi and her curly haired friend--what a contrast in the two hair types!!!

  5. Bleh! I'd better paint that picture, then! I have an idea for it, but I can't visualize it... :-(

  6. Excuse you, missy, there's no huge red blob in that picture! I just see a beautiful lovely mommy. Thanks for regaling us with the adventures and pix :).

  7. I loved seeing all the pictures. I'm glad you guys had such a good time. You look great by the way! ;) I know it probably doesn't feel like it. It sounds like Rhianwen is going to love being a big sister. It's neat that she's talking about the baby and everything. That should help when he actually gets here. :)


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