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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming out of the first haze...

Just a swingin'. (He was so slumped that you can see him through the leg holes of the swing).

Well, the past week and a half has of course been crazy. I think we are coming out of it and surviving. Wally's mom came last week and took care of us. Boy, do we miss her! She cooked, cleaned, and took care of Rhianwen while we looked after Alden and tried to rest. Grandaddy and Aunt Clara came on Thursday for the day and Rhianwen was in heaven with so many people around! We also celebrated Aunt Clara's birthday.

Grandma Nanny Kim was supposed to come this week, but alas, she got a cold which she didn't want to pass on to any of us. So we must wait until she is better. This really freaked mommy out for about a day and a half. I just didn't see how I could survive, but somehow we are still alive and the house does not look like a tornado came through...at least not at the moment.

Breastfeeding is still and issue. We have an awesome LC who comes to our house (SO nice not to have to travel to her!). Monday the Dr. said Alden was not gaining as quickly as they would like, but today we had him weighed, and he has increased his weight-gaining speed. We'll see if it continues. The LC put me on shields b/c he seems to get more with them and I get a break from all the creasing. She feels it's something he is doing with his tongue, and eventually he'll grow out of it. Hm, Rhi never did...well at least not by 8 weeks. I thought the shields made my milk supply go way down with Rhi, but perhaps it was something else. We're seeing a chiropractor who is doing some gentle tension release techniques on Alden. She says if in 3-4 sessions things don't improve, then the problem lies elsewhere. So we need a lot of prayer in the feeding camp. Yes, does this sound a bit like farm talk? I sure feel like a cow sometimes. I've been reading All Creatures Great and Small, what a wonderful book, and totally sympathizing with all the poor mommy animals he has to treat :)

If only it was that easy!

Having fun with Grandaddy and a neighbor's sitting charge.

Happy birthday dinner for Aunt Clara.

Having fun with Grandmama and sidewalk chalk.

Alden's first sponge bath at home. His umbilical cord has fallen off, so we can now introduce him to the big bath. That may be 6 months down the road...ha ha!

Our first walk...technically he's not big enough for the stroller, but oh well, he didn't seem to mind.

My name is Mr. Snugglesworth...

Wally hung up some hammocks in our backyard, and we have all enjoyed them, even Alden!

Alden is gaining more control of his head movements, getting stronger and able to lift it up for longer periods of time. He's also following people with his eyes and loves to stare at the bars of his crib and out the window. He's a pretty happy little man and sleeps really well at night...a little too well perhaps. We have the hardest time trying to get milk into him...talk about grueling sessions. And I swear he's already smiling, especially when he sees Rhianwen.

Rhianwen has taken everything in stride. She's been amazing with mommy the past couple of days, for which I am so thankful!

What could be more fun than 2 sheets of stickers?


  1. You are amazing to be alone with the two this week! I'm very impressed and hope things continue to go okay. We'll be praying about the nursing and hope Alden continues to gain weight and you do alright. I love looking at all your pictures. Your children are so adorable!

  2. Aww, what cute pics. I'm glad Rhianwen is adjusting well to having a new member of the family. I hope the breastfeeding and the weight gaining start going better soon. I'll keep you and Alden in my prayers.

  3. Rhianwen is so cute with the pigtails. It reminds me of the pics of you as a kid!

    So funny that you like having the inlaws over. No one in my community group liked having their parents over. I think it speaks highly of the Tinsleys (and the Davies, I suppose).

  4. Thanks for taking the time to blog! You're amazing. Mr. Snugglesworth is so beautiful! The picture of him in the swing is hilarious. And seeing him next to Rhianwen makes her look 7 feet tall. I'll be praying for mommy cow.

  5. Glad to see all of the pictures!

  6. Eowyn,
    Your children are beautiful! It's good to be able to "catch up" through your blog. Love the stroller picture, we have some great ones from when Blaise (our 2nd) was a newborn. When our boys were little like Alden, I just used a rolled up towel to support the head- it worked well.
    We'll be praying for all the feeding problems to resolve themselves.

    Cynthia & Cullen

  7. Alden is so completely adorable. I wish I could see him in person!

    I'm glad Rhianwen is being a good big sister. She looks so grown up with her pig tails! They are too cute!

    Love the picture with Rhianwen and Alden together in the stroller and the one of Rhianwen helping after Alden's bath and the one of Alden in the swing.... ok, I love them all.

    I'll be praying for the nursing to "click" for you and Alden!

    Love you!

  8. sonific went offline apparently in May. I clicked on your music widget and it would not play. It said something about going offline.


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