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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mountains and Grandparents

Weelll! It was tiring for mommy, but Saluda was a blast for all of us. Rhianwen especially appreciated 24/7 attention. This blog will be more a picture story than words.

Figuring out sleeping arrangements was interesting in an A-frame with one bedroom and a loft. What do you think happened with Wally as a daddy? If you haven't guessed yet, just take a look at the picture below.

Scaling the ladder to her bed.

I was actually a little jealous! That loft looked so cozy with the mattresses tucked up against the window. I just had to lie down one night with her to see what it was like. Rhi did a wonderful job sleeping on 2 mattresses one on top of the other without a bedrail. Every time I looked at it, it made me think of the princess and the pea. She's certainly tougher. Alden slept in his pack n play in mommy's and daddy's room.

We hiked to Pearson Falls, such a nice easy hike and beautiful falls. Rhianwen kept saying, "No, my walk!" whenever we tried to hold her hand on slippery places. She just was little miss independent...my dad kept making comments about how she was a lot like some other girl he knows. Hmmm. I think over the years I've realized more and more how I can't do things all on my own. I've actually become more dependent on others than ever before!

Hiking with Grandpa.

We made it!

Looks like a place for fairies.

What a sweet moment!

With Grandma Nanny Kim.

Canoing (she was with daddy in the back, but he hopped out for the picture)...we aren't that silly!

Ok, so maybe we are.

Yes, that is a zip line you see. Mommy said no, Daddy said yes. Who do you think won? Thankfully, Rhianwen stayed on...over and over again! She LOVED it.

I think most of the time Alden was wondering what on earth was going on? Where was his home? What was all this stuff called fresh mountain air? But he loved being out in it.

Other things we did: S'mores (of course), shopping in downtown Saluda (Christmas ornaments and a bracelet for mommy), eating delicious apples, feeding lots of "Mr. and Mrs. Mallard" (terms from Make Way for Ducklings), playing soccer, getting very dirty, relaxing a bit. The funny thing about the S'mores was Rhianwen wouldn't eat hers without me breaking off pieces for her.

A few funny things: once home, Rhianwen found her bike helmet and a broom and motored around the backyard saying she was riding a motorcycle.

Mommy asked her what her carrots tasted like (I'm not sure why I did this), and without hesitating, Rhianwen said, "Hamburgers!" Oh, well, that's interesting.

Story of the week: Jesus Calms the Storm...Rhianwen kept saying, "What happened? What happened to the storm? No stars!"


  1. All that I have to say is that Rhi is some CHILD!! What a lively person---so alive to everything around her ...when she was so tired (at the campground) she still wanted to walk so she could explore the stones, ducks, rocks, dandylions, etc!! Some GIRL!!!

    And Alden is just a cute silent observer!! ;-)

  2. Wally and my husband definitely spent their childhood days together because Ella has been on a zipline like that twice now and I was super nervous both times. I'm just thankful to have a husband who wants to do those things with our kids! Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks.

  3. Wow, I did a very quick trip to the mountains last week to be with my parents ... we're the same person.

    The picture with your mom and Rhi made me laugh out loud - they both look like they smell something terrible! :-)

    And Alden with daddy is adorable. He is such a cutie!

  4. Oh, and Andrew is constantly saying, "Walk self!" Holding mommy's hand is SO last month.

  5. What fun! That A frame seems like it was pretty cozy. For some reason when you mentioned the A frame in your past blog, I thought of one of those trailers you pull behind your vehicle that pops up. (I don't know why I thought that.) Glad that wasn't the case! :o)

  6. I laughed out loud several times reading this. The "No, my walk" thing is priceless.

    Christy's right about Mom and Rhi looking like they smell a tooter.


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