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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A New Uncle!

We have a new uncle in the family. Uncle Brooks. Yes, we have referred to him as Uncle before, but he now officially has earned the title by marrying Aunt Clara. It was a fabulous wedding with both sides of the family participating in the processional (I'm not sure how many people total that was but probably close to 100!!!). Surprisingly, it didn't take that long. We had talked the wedding up big to Rhianwen and decided to see how she would do watching. Well, we made our entrance during the processional right before Aunt Clara came down the aisle, and Rhianwen went bee-bopping along to the music out-pacing mommy and daddy and overtaking a good part of the family who had gone before us. Uncle Averett snagged her, but then she didn't want to be stopped. She had an eye on the musicians on the stage. So she got mad. Then Wally picked her up and carried her the rest of the way down the aisle. We got to our seats and Rhianwen wouldn't stop crying, so Wally took her to the side at which point she said very loudly, "I NO LIKE IT!!!!" She had been saying this about the fellowship hall in visits previous days when we were making preparations, but we thought she had gotten over it. I guess not! So she ended up in nursery. Oh well.

See Rhianwen and Uncle Averrett goofing off...oh, and the beautiful bride, doesn't she look classy?

Yes, I stole these pictures from a cd given to us, I hope that was ok...I didn't take any wedding pictures because I had my hands full!

We had a great time with family. It was actually quite relaxing for me because Rhainwen was entertained 24/7 which meant I only had to look after Alden. It made me remember how much easier it is having only one child!

Wrestling with Bear who was kicked out of Uncle Brooks' condo and adopted by Grandmama...yes, Alden has purple lips, gentian violet...anti-thrush stuff.

Poor Aldi-man had purple lips for the wedding too. Some people knew immediately why and others were wondering what on earth he had been eating. Finally it faded by about the time we left.

Cuddle time with Grandmama.

Rhianwen also sat through an ENTIRE church service at Wally's dad's church! And Grandaddy wasn't even preaching! For some reason Rhi has an aversion to their nursery, so we decided to try her out in service. She did a GREAT job, although it looked like a mini-tornado had flown through the front pew by the time she was done with all the papers and crayons we provided for her. We tried drawing stuff from the sermon, but she didn't really seem to get the connection. For example, I drew a picture of Jesus holding a heart, and Rhianwen insisted it was Grandma Nanny Kim (who knew Grandma Nanny Kim had a beard and crown?). She made it almost to the very end, but bumped her head on the pew and dissolved into tears. Daddy had to take her out, and as she was leaving she loudly proclaimed, "Want to go BYE-BYE!!!". I just tried to remind myself that she has only just turned 2, not 4, and she was exceptional for this age! This was also the first time that Rhianwen got to meet a large part of the extended family. Boy did she have a blast!!! She just LOVES attention.

This is what happened when we got back to our house:

This is the FIRST time she has EVER just zonked out on the floor or anywhere for that matter! I was shocked. Of course, it didn't last. I carried her back to her bed where she immediately woke up and wanted a story before nap.

Alden has been producing some serious drool and seems to want to gnaw on anything that comes close to his mouth. I guess he may follow in his sister's footsteps and get his first teeth by 4 months...yikes! Hm, Rhi's shirt looks kinda drooly too...she is getting molars, but I think that must be water.

Graduating to the exersaucer is great!


  1. What great pics. There were 129 in the procession-give or take a few. Your children are adorable and we are all still talking about all the great grands and how much fun it was to get to be with them and get to know them some. You are a wise mother to remember she is only barely 2. It's hard to keep that in perspective with the #1 child. I remember:) It was great to see you all. We had gentian violet mouth many times too. IT's the best, but messy:)
    Love you!

  2. we loved seeing you guys...wish we lived closer to our kids could play more together. I think Alden and Matthew will like each other a lot too when they get older!

  3. I'm very impressed that Rhi stayed through the whole church service. Andrew sits in for the music and is usually quiet, but one week he was anxious for the next song and proceeded to point to the pastor (who was making announcements) and said is his loud, 2-year-old way, "Turn that off!" :-)

    Alden does look so big and handsome! I'll bet he's loving Exersauser time!

  4. Alden is getting so big! And what a handsome little guy he is! I love the picture of him and his grandmama. That is so sweet.

    Rhianwen's doing another Renee Z. smile in the picture of her and Alden in the chair!

  5. That's amazing that she sat through the whole service. I wouldn't dare put Jay in the service for the preaching. He barely lasts through the singing. I get nervous every time there is a pause or someone starts to pray. :) Your kids are just precious and it was great to see them. I wish we had had more time to chat.

  6. Well, well, well. More very cutsie pictures--growing, growing!!

    I can't believe you sat in the front with her in church!! Hope it didn't distract people. (Now that I am an OLD LADY, I try to sit way away from the noisy, squiggly distracting kids, HA!!)

    I thought Rhi's comments were funny--I wonder why she didn't like the big hall?

    Christmas should be fun at your house!


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