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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hurricanes and Old Maids

What do the Carolina Hurricanes and old maids have to do with each other? In most people's minds: nothing. But in Rhianwen's mind, whenever she sees a picture of the Hurricane Hockey players in our newspaper, she immediately begins a rendition of Three Old Maids a Skating Went. I'm sure she would make those guys proud if they could hear her. I love it when she sings. Here's a little video of her singing Oh Be Careful Little Eyes and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Alden has also begun varying his tones. I guess singing wouldn't be quite the right way to put it. Maybe yelling is more like it. He does this when he wants someone to pay attention to him, or when he is bored, or when he is getting a little tired but not downright exhausted. Then there is a little something at the end that is just strange Rhianwen.

Just so you know, Rhianwen said, "Bite on this" before she stuffed Pooh-bear into Alden's mouth.

Even though they are far apart in developmental milestones, there are actually many things that Rhianwen and Alden both enjoy. Bathtime, Suppertime, Storytime, Sesame-Street time, Excersaucer time, and Outside time to name a few.

Well, Rhianwen was never allowed near a TV before she was 2 unless a Clemson game was on or for holidays, but now that she is older and mommy needs a break, we have been watching Sesame Street. At first I tried to keep Alden away for fear that he would be ruined as some people suggest (no TV before 2), but I just couldn't do it. Oh how times change in the parenting world. I knew this would happen, but just not this soon!

Rhianwen has been enjoying dressing up recently. Here she is "Going to work to bake bread". Wowsa! Have you ever seen a cook dressed like this?

She could be in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Ever since our trip to the mountains with Grandma and Grandpa, every hill we go by is a "mountain" according to Rhianwen. Wally drew a mountain on the tile of our shower, and then Rhianwen tried her hand at it. The following picture is all Rhianwen (no Wally assistance). Wally was SO excited. It is pretty good. But then she followed this up with drawing Grandpa: straight line. Ah well. Maybe she isn't the next da Vinci.

Mountains (notice in Clemson orange).

In the world of Alden, he's outgrown his bouncy seat just about. At least, I can't just plop him down and leave him unattended...(what? oh, yeah, the directions did say something about that...) because he has started arching his back and inchworming his way out of it. He often will stop once he gets to the position below. I guess it's relaxing or something.

"Ah, to find a beach."

We also think he is on the verge of sucking his thumb. It's been interesting seeing him try. He's really close. I am afraid to say this, but I think nursing may be going a tiny bit better. It's been crazy recently with him being so distracted. Sometimes he'll only nurse for 5 minutes and want to play. It drives me crazy. But the really hard part has been the soreness that I'm still experiencing b/c of the way he smooshes with his tongue. Finally, he's started getting slightly better I think. I'm giving it until Thanksgiving to make a real decision about it. So if you think of it, please pray that I'll get better and that Alden will too!

Although Thanksgiving has not even arrived, we are doing Operation Christmas Child. With daddy's help, Rhianwen wrote a little note to the girl who will get our gift. It was basically filling in the blanks like: My favorite drink is "lemonade". I like to eat "french fries". I like to play with "crayons". My favorite color is "pink".

Comfy cozy bedtime story: This Is My Hair (every time I say that title, I want to say, "This is my hair. This is my hair on drugs." Do you remember those commercials with the egg? "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs." And they throw it in the frying pan. Anyway. I know I'm strange. )

Story of the Week: Richard Scarry's The Bunny Book


  1. That fashion picture made me chuckle.

  2. I love it when you do the movies--so funny. Rhi surely makes me think of skipper when she stands staring at the camera with her mouth open. Cute pic of them watching Sesame Street --I still remember some of my favorite things from that--I wonder if they play any of the old stuff?

  3. I LOVE that Rhi was off to bake bread. What a gal! Just becasue you've got to be stuck in the kitchen all day doesn't mean you can't do it with style!

    I'll be praying about the breastfeeding. What a tremendous amount of work (and soreness!) you have put into this so far.


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