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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Rather Poop Filled Time

Today I felt like all I did was deal with excrement of some kind. Spit up, poo-poo, pee, drool, food. I keep reminding myself that my children probably will have to deal with all of that when I am old. It's not very comforting, but it does make me realize that even now I can choose to model a right attitude about it so that when I am old, they won't be the ones saying, "I TOLD you, you aren't supposed to go in your pants but in the potty! I know you know this!" or "Ugh, this is SO nasty and disgusting. Why can't you go in the potty?"

Alden is aware of the camera and has started hamming it up. Most of the time this means, he opens his mouth really wide and closes his eyes and kind of laughs.

He's 6 months old now, and I feel like we've turned a tiny bit of a corner. He's more flexible, enjoys playing on his own, and loves interacting. He's in the first stages of crawling which means he can move backwards but doesn't like it much most of the time. I remember how Rhianwen did this too and would back under the coffee table fussing the whole way. Alden is a little happier and will back across a room babbling baby talk as he does it. But he tires of it quickly especially since he knows mommy and daddy can help him walk from point A to B which is much funner (see following video). At his well visit, he weighed in at 16 lb. 13 oz. (50th percentile) and 27.5 in (I think) 80th percentile for height. The doctor said he couldn't be healthier and to quit worrying about his weight, so I guess I'll try :)!

As I've mentioned before, we've been keeping Rhianwen in church with us, and she's actually learning many of the things that we do most Sundays like the Lord's Prayer. Most of the time we aren't aware she's picking anything up until she just says the entire thing out of the blue. In the video she needed prompting, but she can say it much better when she's not on the spot. On the other hand, devotions with Alden, well, I don't think he's getting as much out of them.

Reading time.

I keep wondering about whether this violin interest will go somewhere for real.

Alden's new girlfriend, he loves grabbing her face, chewing on her fingers, and pulling her hair. I figure better her than me or Rhianwen.


  1. The violin picture is a hooooooooooooot!!

    Did someone say Poop???

    (Old age is definetly payback time of sorts, eh?)

  2. Oh, yes, and Rhi looks like a princess on the potty ;-)

  3. Well, Eowyn, as long as both your chillen are pooping and the BF is ok, then all is well with the world. P.S. I think Alden does not approve of the his girlfriend's bowlcut. Love y'all and enjoy the updates. (Robeson, not Natalie) :)

  4. That's amazing that Rhianwen has already learned the Lord's prayer!

  5. Yeah. Alden's girl has a mullet. Classy.

    I got three new posts, since I haven't been online in almost two weeks! What a treat!

    Seeing them grow up does make me wish I was on the right coast so I could see them more often.

  6. Love the photo of Rhi with the violin! I think it's my favorite instrument - I hope she continues to love it.


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