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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Children Are Energy Syncs

It was a major week at our house. To sum up before I even start: Snow, Inauguration, Pooping, and First Steps (maybe).

Alden: "I am not thrilled. No, not at all." Rhianwen: "Dad told me to smile, so here goes."

I love that we live far enough north that we can get at least one major snow per year (you can see lots more pics on our renovation blog if you're so inclined). This one was one to rival some of the snows we got in Pittsburgh. It began before dawn (we knew b/c Alden wanted an early morning snack), and even to my bleary eyes, it was beautiful like a mist of white falling onto the ground. So, mommy and daddy woke up very excited and wanting to get breakfast out of the way for a day of fun in the snow. Work was out of the question since we had many inches of snow, no plowing, and no salt. Plus it was inauguration day. I think because the entire world was at home, Rhi and Alden decided to sleep in...it's amazing the silence created by the absence of traffic and by the snow itself. We ended up waking Rhianwen up, who did not appreciate it and told us firmly that she wanted to go back to bed. But we opened her blinds, and that seemed to convince her to get up. We bundled everybody up after breakfast and headed outside (Alden was very annoyed about the bundling b/c by this time he was ready for his morning nap, however he cheered up after discovering that there was white stuff falling out of the sky).

Rhianwen walked down the deck and said matter of factly, "It pops alright." I love the sound of the snow under foot too. Neither of the kids lasted long on the first outing b/c the snow was coming down really hard, and it was really cold. But we did sled with both of them. Then it was in for cocoa and inauguration viewing. I think the only thing that Rhianwen really got out of it was that our President is "Barak O.....Bama!", and she woke up saying his name one morning.

In the afternoon we went out again with Rhianwen and made snowmen. She really loved that and wanted to make a telephone for the snowman too, but mommy hadn't cultivated her snow-carving skills so much in recent years.

The snow stuck around the next day too, and sledding was a lot better the 2nd day with all the ice, but Rhianwen only wanted to go fast if mommy was on the sled with her. Fun fun fun! Mommy enjoyed pointing out all the beautiful things about the snow, how it sparkles in the sun etc., and not to be outdone, Rhianwen said, "Mommy look at the green grass sticking up out of the snow. it's pretty!" I thought it was so neat to hear her describing something she was seeing and enjoying.

Yes, to Nanny Kim's joy, we will move on to the topic of pooping. I think I've mentioned before, how if you're with Nanny Kim long enough, the conversation often turns to the most beloved subject of poop. I don't know how this happens, but it does quite naturally. Unfortunately, Rhianwen has not found it quite natural to poop in the potty. But this week she did it on her own! We made a big deal about it, and she got to call both grandmas and talk to Aunt Clara too. She also got to pick out "big kid pants" at the store. They are Elmo of course. She loves them. She's been really good about peeing, but the poops still been on again off again. She'd much rather do it in dipes.

If she's not up to pooping, Rhianwen also enjoys finding ways to play the "violin". She grabs anything that looks like a bow and pretends to play. Finally, daddy ingeniously made a violin for her.

"It's not a Stradivarius, but it will do."

You will think I am crazy, but Alden REALLY wants to walk. He can take 2 steps on his own before falling down, but even when he does fall, he'll often just fall to a sitting position (pretty amazing for a 6 month old). I hope he learns to crawl first, b/c walking will take some time to master without crawling I think. A surprising discovery we've made in recent weeks is that Alden prefers "real" food to the Gerber packaged stuff. He turns his nose up to Gerber peas but loves mommy-made peas. Rhianwen was the exact opposite in this regard...she liked Gerber taste and texture. Alden likes his food thicker and chunkier and tastier and will smack his lips in pleasure if he really is enjoying a meal. Some favorite games that we play with Alden are catch and fishy. I'll take some string or the pop-beads and say, "Am I gonna get a fishy?" and wiggle them in front of Alden. When he grabs on to the string/beads, I'll say, "I got him, I got him, I got him!!!". He loves it. He also loves it when he catches the ball and I clap and cheer really loudly for him. He'll just smile and laugh, and I'll have visions of mommy in the stands cheering on a little boy playing baseball or some kind of sport in just a few years. Of course, he'll probably try ignoring me in embarrassment at that point.

You can see the excitement in his eyes.

He's been making in-roads in nursery recently too. Just today I came in and saw him sacrificially sticking his fingers in another baby's mouth. Mommy ruined that moment pretty quickly.

On a more serious note, I love this quote that my mom sent (from a book): "There are living people who are dead on the inside and dead people who continue to live on in the lives of others....But the most lasting legacy is a passed-down life--replete with values, convictions, character,and love." May I live such a life for these little ones!

Book of the week: I'm Sorry God


  1. Snow is sooo wonderful!! I'm so glad you got to enjoy some. That's so exciting about the new stages for your kids. Thanks for the quote. I needed that today. :)

  2. The snow looks so awfullllllly COLD!!!!!! It is wonderful that Rhi is learning to give comments about stuff--it makes life so much fun!!

    Alden may never crawl---he always wants to stand---I wonder about that kid!!!

  3. The snow looks fun for a while...but we still love our beach weather! The first pic is adorable...I love Alden's face! Congrats to Rhi and her poop. :)

  4. I am so jealous of your snow. It snowed here too that same day from the wee hours of the morning until 3:00pm but none of it stuck.

    A telephone for the snowman? I love the randomness of that. Not a pair of mittens, but a telephone.

    Alden is amazing...simply amazing.

  5. I find it bizarre and hard to believe that conversations with your mother ever find their way to poop. But I will try to believe ... And while we're on the subject, why in the world do so many kids prefer to do that particular task in a diaper?! Gross! I keep telling Andrew that I wouldn't have to clean off his manly bits if he's do his poopies in the potty, but no. Nothing will entice him. Not even the promise of lots of M&Ms.


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