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Monday, April 6, 2009

1st Haircut

Rhianwen had her first haircut this past week. She went with mommy, and we both got it done. We had been talking it up all week long, but finally right before we went, she asked, "Is it going to hurt?" I wonder if she had thought about it all week and finally asked or if it just occurred to her then. I felt bad that I hadn't thought about that. I have heard that it is a common question before your first cut. Oh well. She did fabulously and sat VERY still. You really can't tell the difference between before and after pics, but it looks much better to me. It's more even and not so straggly especially in the back.

"My first spaghetti...what a blast!"

Alden managed to get a child's plastic hanger caught in his eyelid so we had a surprise visit to the doctor's office. His eye was fine and so were his ears and heart (since there's an obvious connection). Mom says there's nothing like a kid to give you grey hair. He's been using Rhianwen's little ride-on car as a walking-assistant and can walk all the way down the hall with it. Of course, Rhianwen often will see him using it and decide to hop on and take off. Alden tries his best to speed up and run with her, but usually gets left in the dust unless Daddy or mommy makes her slow down. He's getting his top incisors in, but this wasn't obvious to us until we heard him grinding on something. The top teeth aren't even visible, yet he can grind them through the hole in his gums. I find this intriguing and disturbing. It makes me want to cringe.

Styling in his new sandals.

We enjoyed going to a state park this past Sunday despite the clouds (literally) of pollen blowing across the lake. Rhianwen only wanted to "fish". She's continued to talk about the blue fish that she caught. What an imagination! And I suppose it was Alden's first hike on his own 2 feet.

For Easter, we have been reading Benjamin's Box. We read one page each night to Rhianwen. Along with the story are visual aids that we keep in a treasure box. We've also been trying to sing hymns that pertain to the story. She's holding straw which is to remind us of Christ in the manger. I think she really enjoyed this night since she finally got to sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing again. She knows and sings the entire first verse. If you don't know this carol, perhaps you aren't impressed, but it has huge words...like "God and sinners reconciled" and "Join the Triumph in the Skies". It both makes me laugh and fills me with hope to hear her little voice singing such huge words and concepts.


  1. well, a lot of firstSSSSS!!

    Oh, I can't wait ....is Alden going to participate in an egg hunt in the yard----that will be funny!

  2. Yikes, a hanger caught in the eyelid? How do they manage such things?

    I think I will cry when Katelyn gets her first haircut. The baby wispy hair is one of my favorite things... sniff, sniff

  3. Amelia's daddy used to go to that same salon, before he started getting bad haircuts at home. Rhi looks pensive or something. That is GREAT for haircutting!

  4. oh, and can you tell us more about the hanger incident? Were you able to get it out easily?

  5. Yikes - hanger in the eye lid! Kinda freaks me out. So glad his little heart wasn't affected.

    And how fabulous that Rhi handled her first haircut so beautifully. Each cut has been better for Andrew - just a few tears and a freakout at the end when the clippers came out this last time.

    VERY impressed with Hark the Harold Angels Sing.


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