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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Help not Haylp

A good Southern family.

Wally went out of town on some kind of emergency arc flash business and left us here to our own designs. Mostly that means peeing and pooping in our pants, fussing, and sleeping with fettuccine noodles up our noses and sneezing them out in the morning. Okay and some linguistic lessons as suggested in our title. For some reason Rhianwen has been drawling in Southernese lately. Mysaylf (translated myself) and haylp are 2 such words. The funny thing is when I corrected her for "myself" she said haylp a few seconds later and self corrected without me saying a thing! So, she knows she's drawling! Oh boy, are we in trouble now. I blame it all on Uncle Averett (I love to give him a hard time) though Wally does have his moments (his days of the week are actually dees).

At the start.

Grandpa and Grandma Nanny Kim gave us their canoe along with the bells and whistles (notice the comfy attachable seats), and mommy had the brilliant idea of trying it out this past weekend with an 8 month-old and 2.5 year old. We committed completely to this adventure when we chose a river (no turning back). It was quite fun and I think left Wally with stars in his eyes for his intrepid wife. We saw lots of turtles and even a Canadian goose family with their goslings, oh so adorable!

Rhianwen styling in her Kid Rock wannabe outfit. 

All tuckered out at the end of our trip.

"I don't know how I got here but I DO know I have a graham cracker in my hands. All is well."

Then it was back home for Easter Egg painting.

We got these cheap neat Q-tips that were made by Paas which were filled with dye. When you broke near the line at the top, the dye ran down to the tip where you could then use it to paint the egg. Genius! We'll be buying these every year.

"I'm exhausted. Why are we painting eggs?"

Alden has such a sweet spirit. Despite missed naps, interrupted naps, and late bedtimes, he's still a happy guy just wanting to hang out and do what the big kids are doing. Of course, in his many explorations around the house, he's discovered the thrills of toilet water, plungers, and toilet scrubbers. He searches these items out with a zeal that is unmatched. He even tries to get to them from the bathtub, no longer are water and toys alluring.

Easter morning fun with plastic eggs and a new book entitled "I Love You Stinky Face". 

We enjoyed talking to Grandaddy and Grandmama on the webcam Easter afternoon. Rhianwen got to show off her box of treasure from the Benjamin's Box story. She did a fair job of explaining, but was highly distracted with the novelty of the webcam call.

We're just waiting for dad to come home...Rhi keeps asking if daddy is home now. As if she thinks she might not know if he was home. And when she talks to him on the phone she asks if he is at home (I think the confusion is b/c we recently talked to each other on walkee talkees). We all miss daddy!


  1. such cutie pics--I made comments on your dropshot page. I love the movie of Rhi running toward the hammock--hope to see you all soon ;-)

  2. Hey that's funny about Rhi's accent. Amelia has her moments too like instead of iPod she says AhPowd.

    Canoeing looked like a blast. Great idea!

  3. Awwwe, nayow ah reeellee enjoyed that there post, Eee-o-win. It made me smal reel big lak.

    If my iterpreting services are needed, just let me know. :o)

    What I am just dying to know is - Who was it that woke up with the noodle in their nose? Fess up. Was it you?

  4. I love that last pic of you and the kids. So cute!

  5. As you've seen from my video, Andrew also has an amazing southern accent. Not exactly sure where that comes from (though I hear Phil and I both had really strong accents as children also .. .genetic?) :-)

    LOVE the boating photos! You are my hero.

    And the noodles in the nose.


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