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Monday, May 11, 2009


Now that Alden has mastered walking, it's on to new and exciting feats of daring.
He's also been a sweet little guy and loves to try to feed mommy his graham crackers, brush mommy's teeth, and hold the phone to mommy's ear for her to talk.
Wally took his MULA week this past week (Mandatory Unpaid Leave of Absence). No, he isn't under investigation for crimnal activity. It's just a company wide requirement for their workers. We enjoyed having him around but of course, it was an insane week of tasks and surprises and traveling. We got our countertops in, had tree people come to give quotes, helped pull off a nursing home visit with playgroup (sadly no pics from that), celebrated my birthday, tried to get our house treated for termites but discovered we had to find out where our well was thus beginning an epic series of telephone calls that led to no information, and went to Uncle Averett's graduation. 
The nursing home visit was amazing! It was at a memory care facility. We had many kids ranging from 3 months to 4 years old and around 20 residents gathered in a room about the size of our family room (small!). We had a story/signing/singing time followed by balloon games, and the kids did GREAT. It took no time for them to warm up and in fact we had a hard time containing their enthusiasm in some cases. I've been wanting to do something like this for 2 years, so I'm so happy it went well. We hope to do it on a quarterly basis and vary the activities. 
Since my birthday was on the same day as the nursing home visit and as the day that the counters had to be torn out, it wasn't a huge celebration. But that's how I like it anyway. I don't really like being in the spotlight. Rhianwen had a fun time shopping with daddy and insisted that she get a purple birthday card for mommy. They carefully selected one meeting the criteria but upon opening it, Rhianwen said, "Oh. This is not a birthday card. It doesn't play music!" at which point the search began anew for a musical birthday card. Here we are enjoying her final selection:
Then it was off to Clemson for a 3 hour graduation. There were highlights: Averett graduated and we got to do the CLEMSON FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT cheer in Littlejohn with Rhianwen (awesome). 
Yep, Alden was there.
The happy graduate.
Death Valley did our kids in.
We came back to Grandmama's and Grandaddy's and had fun visiting with the fam and trespassing on a good friend's farm to show the kids their horses and to swing on their swings and hammocks and to hang out on their dock (be careful what you offer....we'll make ourselves right at home!). :) 
The horses are a little scary to the kids. Every time one breathed on Alden he kind of squinted and almost cried; then they stole his graham cracker. Rhianwen took a lot of convincing to get near enough to feed one. 
Back at home enjoying a fairy pop-up book from Nanny Kim.
On her way to pick some lettuce for supper.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Brian has "encouraged" unpaid time off this summer... although they pay 1/3. Two people have "encouraged" him to take it. Sounds like you had a busy, fun week with Wally home.

  2. oh, I love that last pic of rhi--i love the hair. I also thought the one of ALden with the horse was so funny--he had such a look on his face. Hmm, hope you have counter top pictures on the renovation blog!!

  3. I find it kind of ironic that the MULA week looks like it should be pronounced "Moo-la", you know, as in money!

    Rhianwen looks like she could be 4 years old in that last picture!

  4. Horses are really scary. That's why I support the dog and catfood industries.

  5. That last picture is so cute.

  6. i love the pic of alden in the stadium seat ... and was rhi really going to pick lettuce?


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