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Friday, May 22, 2009

So Ya' Think You Can Dance

Alden's just been getting into everything. Mommy's attempts at distraction are pretty much futile. He'd rather be eating dirt, plants, paper, climbing into and onto things he shouldn't be, and playing with outlets. He's been a FUN little cutie though too. He's started imitating. He loves playing with the Little people bus and saying "Brrrrrmmmm. Brrrrrrmmmm." while he drives it (dad showed him how to do that). He also is saying "Amn. Amn." at the end of mealtime prayers. It's so adorable!

e'd rather be finding tools and digging through weeds than playing in the kiddie pool.

Not Rhianwen. Although she does enjoy the "BIG" pool better.

Our little toofy teefer.

Enjoying the treehouse/fort.

This next month is going to be busy. I'm feeling really overwhelmed. Mommy needs a lot of prayer.


  1. I can't believe how much aldie is doing!!!

    The dancing is so cute.

    What is going on in June???

  2. Why overwhelmed? I suppose I didn't help much by coming down and giving you a bunch of stress with my running around and friends and whatnot... :-) I'll pray fer ya, though.


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