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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"His Last Name is DiboDaboDooya."

The title is an original Rhianwenism for all the Clemson fans out there. We beat Miami. Hooray!

Other funny Rhianwenisms:

"I pooped a moose poop!"
"One day, Alden will be a daddy, and he can have sharp things like scissors so he can cut paper."

Last week daddy was out of town most of the week. We were stuck here sick. It was a looong week. Many of you probably saw my facebook status wherein I bemoaned many mishaps, but we survived. Here's one that didn't make the list:

"I think I've got it down now. Potty training is a breeze. I don't get why my big sista has such a hard time. I really am enjoying it." (Notice the feet).

Being a "rodobot" and talking to daddy.

Camouflaged, he thinks...

Once daddy got back, we all felt well enough to go to the State Fair. We must have been crazy. Both of us were tired out after a long week away from each other and on our own, but we went none the less. It was SO crowded but very enjoyable, and we managed to keep track of the kids without contracting swine flu or E. coli.

Rhianwen stared for a very long time at this one. So long, in fact, that a complete stranger came up and said to me, "I think she wants that one!"

Chicks in the incubator.

Thrilled to finally touch one.

Notice the large pumpkin (376 lb). Note also the sign..."Whole lot of happy." Weeeellll, Rhianwen could improve on the whole poster-child thing.

yUmmm. Corn.

Now this is more like a whole lot of happy. I absolutely love the ease and simplicity of this craft project. Wally claims that his mom still has his leaf placemats from many many years ago, and they still retain their colors. It's just 2 pieces of contact paper with leaves in between. I think we'll make bookmarks, sun-catchers, mobiles, key chains...the list could go on, we'll sell them on ebay...or maybe etsy...just kidding. I really haven't gone that far off the deep end. At least, I don't think I have, but don't be surprised if you get a little leaf gift in the mail sometime soon.

We've decided on gymnastics for Rhianwen for now. We tried it out, and she loved it. Her class only has 2-3 other girls in it, so she gets a lot of one-on-one attention. She bounced across trampolines, did somersaults, tried handstands, turned upside down on a bar,walked across a balance beam, swung into a pit of foam, chased hoops, ran to the spring board. All kinds of stuff. The only thing she completely balked at was the awesome "big" swing which is a belt tethered to the gym ceiling by ropes that ties around your waist and can fly her through the air like Peter Pan. Maybe next week. I told her she'd be like Mary Poppins, and I'd take a video if she did it. She seems open to the possibility.

Jumping on a small trampoline before walking across the balance beam.

Not to be outdone, Alden also is learning some skills:

Alden also has added some words to his vocabulary like sky and dark. I can't believe he can say sky (sk's are hard!), but he does it perfectly! Can you tell we have early risers? "No, it's still time to sleep, Alden. See, the sky is still dark."

We had a 15 mo well visit for Alden. He maintains the status quo. Long and lean: 21 lb 8 oz (25th percentile) and 31 3/4 in long (75th percentile). And a 3 yr old check up for Rhi. Rhianwen's numbers I can't remember other than that her BMI is 52% (good), she's in the 80th percentile for height and 75th for weight (so staying very proportional). She also peed in a cup and answered the doctor's questions...a miracle...


  1. hmmm, I missed the facebook comments--I wonder why--I will have to go check!

    nice to see them playing together--yes a little kitchen stuff would be nice for Christmas!!

    Alden was so cute in the shower. Wow , I also can't believe he can use the spin thing!!

    Rhianwen is looking more like you, I believe ;-).

    Hey--I would think it would be hard to get the contact paper to lie (lay or whatever) flat. I haven't tried it yet...but mine is rolled up. I would think when you unroll it and take off the paper it would be tricky....is it?

  2. Sorry it was a rough week. I am glad we got to see Wally while he was down here. I wish he could have brought all of you. :) Love all the pictures. Even the hard weeks can leave us with some really good pictures.

  3. She makes a perfect poster child. She's got the uuber serious model look down. :)


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