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Thursday, October 1, 2009

If You're Sad and You Know It, Be Happy

Yes, the title is just another funny Rhianwen saying (I believe this can be attributed to her tutelage under the famous philosopher, daddy).

With the sage.

Another wise saying in response to my question, "Alden, what is all this poop for?": "For changing!" (why didn't I think of that?!).

Alden's been upping his chatter too though his sayings aren't so haiku-like. The funny thing about his learning is that he does more phrases than Rhianwen did. Rhi learned "What is it" early on and then used that phrase to learn words she didn't know. Alden makes statements, "Sabook" (It's a book). "IdeegAmama" for I eat graham cracker mama (he also uses this for any other food-item he would like to have). "Dunmama" for telling us he's done, wants to get down, or wants to be picked up (basically wants a change in locale). And most importantly, "Ahsahdmama" or "Ahsahdmom" for outside mama/mom. He'll even hand me my shoes. He ends lots of stuff with mama even if I'm not around. I feel so loved :)

Since being back from the beach, we've spent our time preparing for or in the mountains. The Sunday before we left, we decided a novice hike was in order for Aldi-man. Here's how he did trying to scale a tree stump:

We decided he'd do just fine and went ahead to the mountains. When we drove up into them, Alden immediately noticed the difference in topography. His eyes got really wide and his lips stayed parted in his way that says, "What's this? This is different. I'm not sure what to think of it."

Scaling the ladder to Rhi's loft. (Alden didn't make it too far on his own thankfully, otherwise we'd have spent EVERY waking moment outside instead of just most).

It was so great getting some fresh apples and seeing some real pumpkins for the first time this fall.

We took a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. By far Rhianwen's most favorite part was the tunnels. After the first one, she incessantly asked, "Is there going to be another tunnel?" We would have lost our sanity had the destination for our hike been any farther than it was.

Taking a break on a "real" hike.

Alden decided a walking stick was in order.

Rhianwen loved hiking with Nanny Kim and Grandpa.

Getting a lift from daddy.

The view. It was almost like we were up in the sky with the mountains as a backdrop. Although the Appalachians aren't as grand as other mountains, I love how peaceful they are. Mom once said that she felt like they were just giving you a big hug. They are those kind of mountains.


And it wasn't too cold for our adventurers to get in the water. Rhianwen loved the slides on the lake. Alden went down too! It was hilarious to see his little body encompassed by a huge orange life-vest going air borne off the slide and into daddy's arms.

An Alice-in-Wonderland-like moment...in the best sense possible...

Daddy shows Alden how not to roast marshmallows. Unlike Rhainwen, Alden had no fear of the whole s'more making process. And unlike Rhianwen, he didn't really eat much.

"All that work for an over-glorified graham cracker?"

Fun at the park while the women shopped. (This is SUCH a fabulous pic of Alden even if he does have drool dripping off his chin, I have to share it.)

Nanny Kim reading "Winnie-ther-Pooh" to Rhi. These books grow on me more and more each year. They are so adorable. We really need a new set of the poetry ones.

Baths were interesting since the A-frames didn't have a bathtub. We were brilliant enough to bring a huge tupperware tub with firewood, then used the tub for baths. It fit perfectly in the shower, and Alden and Rhianwen actually fit in it at the same time. It's amazing how big something can be when you are small! I remember when I was a kid feeling like a normal tub was like a swimming pool. Oh for the good ole days.

Why we won't be invited back.

We went to some caves for both of our kids' first time. Rhianwen enjoyed it, Alden LOATHED it. He cried the entire time and yelled "No no no no!" just about non-stop. I felt terrible for the tour guide. We tried to straggle far behind. I think it was mostly that Alden had a cold and highly dislikes being contained. However, he usually loves being carried, so we still are not sure why he hated it so much.

The princess and the pea bed in her loft.

Oh, and Wally DID do the zip line with Alden and Rhianwen unbeknownst to me. So, no pics of that one!

Next up, Rhianwen's 3rd birthday!


  1. Love all your pictures and hearing about your good times with your family. I'm impressed you can understand alden so well. I pretty much just understand "mama" and matthew's animal noises although he looks really earnest when talking with me. maybe i need to listen better!

  2. I love all those baby phrases that sound like absolute nonsense to most people listening but make perfect sense to mama and baby (and sometimes daddy). :) Glad your time in the mountains was so much fun. Alden is starting to look like a little boy and not as much like a baby. So cute!

  3. Those were great. Makes me want to head to the mts.

  4. Love the mid-roll off the stump picture! Perfect timing on that shot.

    That kayaking shot makes me nervous just looking at it. I would have gotten an ulcer watching my kids ride around in that thing. I am always so scared of them flipping over.

    Rhianwen looks so old in the last picture. Hard to believe she will be 3 in a couple of days!

    Looks like a marvelous trip!

  5. Such fun pictures! Looks like a beautiful trip. And I'm with Heather ... the photo of Alden with his feet in the air by the stump is magic.


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