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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ask Grandmama

Well, Wally whisked me off to NYC to see Phantom of the Opera for my birthday, so I have no idea what I should say about the kids. Grandmama and Grandaddy made every effort to completely exhaust them by the end of the day to ensure a good night's sleep. The zoo, sand, collecting chicken eggs, running through (Rhi) or being terrified of (Alden) the sprinkler, attending Bible study were all part of the good time the kids had. One of Rhianwen's favorite animals at the zoo was the tiger. Grandmama said it came out and wouldn't stop roaring. I guess it knew a kindred spirit when it saw our Clemson kids. It probably was trying to say, "What am I doing in Columbia?! Hey guys, can you let me out of this place?" When Aunt Clara asked Rhianwen if it was a Clemson tiger, Rhianwen said something like, "No! Because all his feet touch the ground." It took Clara a minute, but, apart from her stint at USC, Clara really is quite intelligent and figured out that Rhianwen was referring to our Mascot who walks around on only 2 feet, upright, like us and not like the tiger in the zoo.

I do have to say, it's amazing how relaxed I can be without the kids, how I can pace through a book in 2 days, and how quickly we can walk without them. Sadly, we both could feel it in our legs after walking like that for 3 days! People always ask me if it's strange not having the kids with us, but, honestly, I feel like we are back to normal. Just the 2 of us, being spontaneous, relaxed, and together. We've really only had kids for a fraction of the time that we've been together, so "weird" is having kids. "Normal" is being without kids, strange as it may seem.

Back home, it's routine as usual. We spend a good part of our time outdoors and are ever thankful for such a wonderful yard for roaming. Of course, it never feels quite safe now that Alden knows how to open the gates! I feel like if I can't see him, then he likely has made a mad dash for the vast forest unknowns. So far, he hasn't quite made it, but I worry.

Alden in the safest spot in the yard, spotting our owl.

One of our owls. He's looking at us!

Celebrating my birthday with the kids. Cheesecake made by Wally to near perfection (although Junior's off Broadway was better...Shhhh.) For some reason they weren't thrilled with it this year. That's ok. More for me!

I asked Rhianwen and Alden what we should get Daddy for his birthday. Although Daddy tries to give me a hard time about being ancient, he's only a month behind me. She said, "A tool. Like a hammer." Alden said, "A balloon." So cute!

In an airplane comparing "owies" with a friend.


  1. Guess you need a padlock for the gate!! Glad you had a nice gettaway. You do looked relaxed in that pic ;-)

  2. What a nice surprise! Did you do anything else while you were in NYC?

  3. so glad you had a chance to get away and relax together. I treasure those times more and more and am so thankful i really like being with my husband! happy late birthday too!

  4. Oh, how totally fabulous! 10,000 points to sweet Wally. Birthday bliss.

    I LOVE your owl. I want one.

  5. Sweet! Glad you had a good time out in NY. I think it is healthy for you to feel normal without the kids. It means you haven't put them ahead of each-other, which is exactly right in my opinion.



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