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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Like It

That's one of Alden's new phrases. He's becoming more and more verbal with complete sentences. When he scribbles over a picture he's coloring or over stickers he often says, "It's hiding!". So any of you relatives who get a card from Aldi-man will now understand his brilliant artistry. Alden's even branching out into math. His favorite math thought is, "3 10!". He says this any old time when he's running in the yard or counting jellybeans or just wanting to say something intelligent to impress the ladies. Wally once asked him if he was going to stay in his booster seat for more than 3 seconds (Alden loves to say he's done and then change his mind). Alden turned around, grabbed 3 bibs off the back of his chair and said triumphantly, "A 3!". He does take after his daddy. Somehow happiness and numbers go hand in hand.

Enjoying fresh peas out of the shell. They never do well in our garden, but they sure are fun to snack on.

Fun native American headgear: elastic headband plus 2 feathers. So easy! Why didn't I think of this before? We've had a lot of rain.

Although Rhianwen is above "hiding" things behind scribbles, she still loves drawing, coloring, cutting, and "writing". She's taken to making her own paper dolls.

She cut this one out all by herself (notice it's not a rectangle; she's getting good at rounded corners etc.). I put contact paper over them so that they last longer. It's so cute b/c she'll write their names on paper. This is usually what it looks like: AHAAHHHAAAAH. Then she'll ask me what it says. I try very hard not to laugh.

Making a turtle stepping stone. We even mixed the cement and poured it in the mold! It came out quite well. Thank you Aunt Clara and Uncle Brooks! Notice also that I caved and got Rhi a scooter (she adores it) and Alden a trike (also loves it). Now it's sometimes hard to lure them to our enormous back yard just b/c they want to ride around in the driveway all day. Hmmm, I just noticed Aldi-mans "boots". He never keeps his shoes on, so they get scattered all over the yard, and daddy gave up trying to fine a complete dry pair and gave him Rhi's old ones to wear that day.

Alden's first "big-boy" haircut. Instead of daddy doing it, he went to the barber. I actually really hate the bangs so we've already introduced hair product for my little 22 month old. How silly!

Look who can climb trees really well! Watch out Minkey and Zephir and any other sock-monkey bloggers!

My sweet beautiful girl.

She makes up these hilarious songs when I'm putting her to bed. Often, if she doesn't know how to keep going or finish, she'll stop and say, "Oh, I've got to check it out on the computer later." She mixes in Jesus with some crazy storyline in her songs. I really have to try hard not to laugh, but my face must give it away b/c she sometimes sings "And this is a silly soooong!". Then I just roll. I love it!

Driving in an ambulance.

Our playgroup visited the local fire station yesterday, and they had a blast! I can't get over how much the firemen let us do. We even got to see them go to a real emergency and come back. They also gave us frisbees and stickers and were so informative. It was really fascinating! It took the kids a little while to warm up b/c the trucks are so big, but then it was hard to keep them from treating the trucks like a playground. The firemen took it all in stride and were so relaxed about it. I just feel bad about all the little fingerprints on all that shiny chrome.

Boys aren't the only ones who love fire trucks!

Back at home it was back to the unglamorous life of pulling beets. Surprisingly, they did well, and now I have to figure out how to prepare them in an enjoyable way ;0) I'm also dreading pink stained clothing.


  1. Minkey and Zephir are very proud of the kids tree climbing abilities. Minkey says she would like a scooter too!! Cool turtle! The beets are better when they are tiny! (my opinion). Glad you have had rain, and I hope we have had it in Conway so that are plants will be alive when we return. I do love Rhi's songs--they are fun!

  2. I've had many a bang issue after Andrew has returned from the barber and confess to a little product from time to time myself.

    Love your giant beet! Pulling one sounds totally glamourous to me. :-)

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