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Monday, June 28, 2010


Here's our kumquat. Well, that's supposedly how big baby is. The Dr. says 4 1/2 cm. Looks like it's lying on its side. Head is to the left, belly to the right. Wally constantly speculates before our first Dr. appointment that we'll have twins. Thank the Lord there's only one in there!

Rump, legs, feet, umbilical cord.

Arms and hands.

It's always amazing to me that even this early they have hair, fingernails, toes, fingers, no webbing anymore, no tail. Just a little person. Surreal. We showed the pics to Alden and Rhianwen. Alden just stared for a few seconds and slowly handed them back to me; Rhianwen said, "The baby doesn't have any clothes on?" and later in the afternoon, "I think the baby wants clothes on in mommy's belly." Due date is supposedly January 19th according to the Dr. (Grandmama's birthday!), but they never take into consideration my longer than "normal" cycles, so I'm still counting on later by at least 4 days :)

My baby isn't the only one around here. We've had 2 baby owls who we think have recently grown up and flown away. Here is a video of one baby taken in May. It must have been learning to fly and gotten stuck in our yard.

I have a feeling, our baby's nursery theme may have owls in it's future.

This is for mom. Not really a very organized space, just some toys and kids. We've changed the ladder to the other end, so that Alden's head is not near an open space. Instead, the guard rail goes all the way to the head of the bed. And we've taken everything out of that outlet b/c it's too much of a temptation otherwise.

Can you believe this is the first time I've gotten my kids finger paints? And of course, look who's too artistic to use her hands ;)

Alden however, went to town with it. I regret not getting a picture of him, but green was all over the wall, him, table, floor.

Funny Rhianwen quote on leaving her milk on the table while she took care of business: "I don't want my milk to get soggy!"

Oh, I just wanted to say, thank you everyone who prays after reading our blog! I literally can feel a difference the day or two after I blog because people are praying specifically for us! It's amazing to me that I can tell, but I really can! Isn't it neat how God works?


  1. hmm, Rhi cares that the baby is bare in the belly, but she is always taking clothes off her dolls, or perhaps that has changed? I like the bare bottomed one--cute!! The baby owl is so adorable with all the fluff and the big eyes!! As far as the finger painting goes---she loves using brushes! ha!

  2. The pics are so exciting! I too think it is so AMAZING as to what you can see so early on! Enjoyed looking at the ultrasound pics! :)

  3. I love Rihanwen's concern about the clothes! So funny!

  4. Oh, sorry - that was Alexa.

  5. So exciting! It's funny how they get stuck on the baby not having clothes on. That was a big on for Rose and Jay this last pregnancy. :)
    My kids have never experienced finger paints either. I have a hard time getting the play-dough out because of the mess.

  6. Congratulations Eowyn! I actually saw a FB post to Wally from Clayton about the baby and made me think - I have not checked your blog (or anyone's) in a long time. Our #2 is coming in 4 weeks. We're still in Charlotte. We'd love to see yall if you are ever passing through.

  7. Fabulous ultrasound pictures! I'm flabbergasted that I can make out his/her little bicks. I'm always astounded. Life is just so amazing.

    And I also think owls are amazing. Great idea as a nursery theme.

  8. Awesome ultrasound pics!

    FYI - Target has a cute owl themed nursery bedding/accessory set.


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