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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Alden!

We had a birthday festival, as Wally's family would say. Beware the many pictures.

Rhianwen made a card with fireworks for Alden.

We've been asking Alden recently, "Are you a baby or a big boy?", and Alden very matter of factually replies, "I Alden." I don't think he wants to decide :) Sometimes I don't want to decide myself. He's my cuddly little guy to whom I can still talk baby talk and who still wants his paci. Yet, he's singing, conversing, sharing, interacting, and running and jumping better than Rhianwen was at this age! He can even count to 7. I'm sure having a big sister is a good motivator for those things. We had a fun time celebrating the life God has given him with family and friends.

Reading The Birthday Box with Grandaddy. Alden loves this book. It's really cute. Grandaddy and Grandmama even gave him a big box to go along with it which he also loves.

Playing in the awesome sprinkler Uncle Brooks and Aunt Clara made!

Roasting marshmallows for s'mores with Brooks, Clara, and Uncle Averett.

First (possibly only) pets...2 fishies for 2 years old.

Singing "Happy birthday" to our 2 year old.

Not sure about the limbo game yet; he warmed up to it later.

A socca ball! Yay!

Enjoying the fun fire truck from Rhianwen.

The only good reason to have a paci out of his mouth.

Digging in.

Yes, we celebrated over the course of a week. We like to have a celebration on the day of their actual birthday. Then we had a party with friends later.

Sponge relay (pool to buckets). Alden LOVED this game and didn't want to stop.

Waiting for a fishy?

Enjoying the treasure at the end of their treasure hunt. Notice the bubble between Alden's hands. (Good photography, mom!).

Poking at the birthday cake Rhianwen helped make. (Mommy is just so awesome, don't you think?)

Enjoying a...moment...after the hubbub of the party.

This poor butterfly is clueless.

I love God's little gifts.

If you read this before 11am tomorrow (7/28), please pray for the nursing home visit!


  1. I am glad you got the pics of that butterfly! We saw it as we were leaving. I was going to ask you how you got the pics so big and then I realized I had it set at 125 percent! But still your template allows bigger ones than mine do!

  2. Happy Birthday, Alden!

    Great cake!

    Love the butterfly pictures!

  3. Such good pictures and that cake is awesome!! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  4. What a delightful looking party for your little man! That sponge relay does look pretty fun. And I'm with everyone else - the butterfly photos are amazing.


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