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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What on Earth Have I Been Doing?

Enjoying his very own "birthday box" and a fun vehicles book from Uncle Robeson and Aunt Natalie.

I can't figure out where I've been, but I don't seem to be remembering my kids cute comments or anything. That's a little scary, since I live with them and take care of them ALL of the time. Maybe it's because Alden's been keeping me on the tip of my toes all day long.

Why mommy really would love a window seat.

"Who, me? I'm as droll as any old chap. I just sit comfortably half the morning and read my paper."

Alden had his first trip to the Urgent Care clinic the other day. Note to self: Put on child's life vest AFTER we walk down the rocky trail to the river to canoe. Alden tripped on a rock and slammed his head into another sharp rock. Urgent Care, steri-strips followed by ice cream and no swim lessons is where we are now. It's been really hard not swimming for so long in this hot weather. Despite the heat, we've enjoyed all of the fun creation God's given us even here in our yard. Our hummingbird feeder's hung just outside our dining room window all summer and we have at least 3 males and 2 females come regularly to it. They often dive-bomb each other fighting over the feeder. We have many goldfinches loving our black-eyed susans and coneflowers. The butterflies love our zinnias and hang out there all day. Dragonflies flit around everywhere. And we even got a visit from a turtle. It's been so fun!

Where's he going?

Enjoying feeding fish daddy's yucky "biscuits" after a picnic by the lake.

A "princess" dress made by Grandmama. Just in time! Rhi has been growing out of all of her dresses. She's also doing a great job in gymnastics and has been taking swim lessons. The scary part is that she thinks she can swim, but she really can't. She can swim to the side with the help of a noodle which is a stroke in the right direction....har har har.

Some things I've been thinking about that I love about Rhi: She loves people and will talk to and try to include anybody...even girls who snub/ignore her. I hope she keeps it up and never gets shy like I did. She refers to the baby as "our baby". She wants a "white buffalo cake" for her birthday (for months now she's been saying this). Where on earth did she get that idea????


  1. A white buffalo cake? Weird. I wonder if there was something in her books? Love the new dress and it looks great on her.

    So sorry about ALden's fall; guess that deleted the canoe trip!

    It has been very hot and humid here and the mosquitoes have come out in force with all the rain we got on Friday. The storms knocked out one of our air handlers, thankfully the circuit board was still under warrenty, but not the labor. The part is ordered. The storm knocked things over in the house! It was nice and we ate by candlelight that night since the electric was out!

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see your white buffalo cake! I LOVE her imagination.

    Poor Alden at Urgent Care. :-( Right now Elsbeth's tummy is a little upset so we've been avoiding the pool, too ... beastly.

  3. Sorry about Alden's little fall. And, I can't remember some of H's cute sayings a few minutes later and I'm not even pregnant.

  4. Poor Alden. :o(

    I'm with Christy. I can't wait to see that white buffalo cake! Rhianwen is such a funny sweet girl!


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