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Monday, August 23, 2010

Boy or Guhl?

What a honey.

The family has been debating what baby 3 will be. At breakfast today, Alden said he thought it was a "Guhl." Rhianwen said she thought it was a boy. We all went in to the ultrasound (crazy daddy idea) and it's a BOY! He's healthy, growing right on schedule, and moving like mad (I've been feeling him since 15 weeks). He really gave the technologist a hard time, and in the end, she had to give up on getting a good pic of the heart. So I had to schedule a follow-up US for next month. Somehow my babies always figure out a way to add more ultrasounds even though I am the "ideal candidate" for a good US.

He's already thumbing his nose at you.

When asked what his name should be, Rhianwen said, "John." and Alden said, "Beebee...." then later "Grandma." Hmmm, Beebee John Grandma. Very interesting consideration. Choosing a boy name is a lot harder for me than choosing girl names.

Practicing wearing 2 hats: little brother and big brother?

In an earlier discussion in the week, Rhianwen announced, "Male and female means man and woman." When asked how she knew, she said, "Because of Adam and Eve!" Duh! Daddy's been teaching her how to use the Wii, and she's been wake boarding and golfing. In case I was worrying that this would ruin her imaginative streak, she got up one morning and began using the top to a lego box as her "wake board" and a bubble wand as her handle. She hopped and slid around the family room having a grand old time.

She often treats Alden like she is his mommy, but he's having none of that. Here's how one conversation went recently:

Rhianwen: "I say OBEY right now!"
Alden: "No! I shoot you!"

Shocking but Wally and I couldn't hold back our laughter even while we were trying to explain to Alden how totally inappropriate that was. There's no doubt that Rhi is a "guhl" and Alden is a boy. We certainly don't encourage violent speech or behavior, but he just picks up on it from seeing army stuff or from movies like that Veggie Tales The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything or from our own water gun fights. I hope he'll one day see his role as a wise protector as we named him.

Enjoying Rhianwen's space together. I'm so thankful for their enjoyment of each other.


  1. It always amazes me to see the 3 d view of a baby in the womb; I didn't get to have that with you guys--I think it adds to the excitement. Hey ...you have her bed set up? Do you have any more pics?

    Names for the kid. Well, you have Eo WYN, Al DEN, Rhian WEN, and Wally's name should have been Wal DEN.....so I will be curious if it ends in a similar manner. (not that I suggest these following names....but to go with the family something like BranDEN, EdWIN, Rob IN, FrankLIN, OwEN, ErWIN, etc ha ha!

  2. So cool! I was guessing it was a boy. Awesome! Boys are just so sweet! Those are great ultrasound pictures. So you are copying your parents so far - girl, boy, boy...

    I love the picture of your babies holding the baby dolls.

    I laughed out loud at the conversation between Rhi and Alden. Who ever said you have to teach girls to be girls and boys to be boys is NUTS!

  3. I was just wondering if you were going to find out what you're having soon. Congratulations on another boy!

    Anna likes to shout orders to Noah as well. She's usually telling him things that she often hears us saying, like "Eat your dinner Noah!", "Go brush your teeth and get in bed Noah!", and other things like that. It's so funny hearing it come from her.

    I can't believe you're almost halfway through your pregnancy all ready. It goes so fast when it's not you.

  4. So exciting about your new boy! Two boys is quite fun...and busy! Your older two sound like my kids. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  5. Another boy - how exciting! Congratulations! How fun it will be to see how Alden and BeeBee Grandma will have big, manly adventures togeher. Rhi can supervise. :-)

  6. "No, I shoot you!" I'm going to try that in my next conflict.

  7. Congrats!! So excited for you guys!


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