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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Day Seems As a Thousand Years

Oh, wait, I guess it was supposed to be the other way around...well, I'm not God. Waiting for Corwin who is now overdue makes me think about waiting for Jesus to come back. I KNOW he's coming soon so I'd better be ready, but keeping everything organized, clean, stocked, and packed is really getting old. Then I have family asking every 5 minutes if anything is happening which makes me feel loved and defective at the same time. Ha! One of my Bible study questions last week was, "If you knew Jesus was returning in 2 weeks, how would this change the way you are living now?" It made me immediately think of how I'm living trying to be prepared for Corwin's arrival and yet how none of that stuff is really important. If I knew for sure Jesus was coming back in 2 weeks, I'd be spending a LOT more time in fervent prayer for many dear lives and probably actively evangelizing my children to the point that they'd probably die from the intensity of it ;)

While we've been waiting, Wally got overly ambitious with the treehouse...

Just kidding. We came upon this sight at our new park just a block through the woods. Needless to say, Wally is very excited. (Sorry about the dates, camera malfunction).

Rhianwen and Alden have been playing "babies" daily. Meaning, they are running around with baby dolls who fuss and disobey and occasionally are happy and eating. Perhaps they are better prepared for parenthood than we were :)

Then again, maybe not. Rhianwen's baby is in her "sling" and she is rock-climbing with her.

We've been acting out some of our Bible stories like David and Goliath, and Alden, bright mind that he is, insists on playing the part of God. "I'm God.", he says. Sadly, I hadn't thought of that as a choice, but it proves that Alden understands more than I do. God is the major player in every story!

I've been realizing too that having perspective on life can be good and bad. I am always finding myself wishing that the little things that are ridiculously upsetting (like a broken orange turtle silly band that, before it was broken, was not an object of attachment by a certain 4 year old) would just be seen as no big deal. I never really know what to do in these situations and probably generally say way too much, am not compassionate enough, and expect immediate results. Anyway, this lack of perspective on the part of my children can be a blessing because it also means that they can live in the moment in ways that I never will be able to do. Enjoying life freely, fluidly, spontaneously, and joyfully the way my children often do are all part of living life with a very narrow perspective. Yet in some ways it is very freeing. I'm trying to understand how to reconcile being responsible and yet living in the moment too. I know it has to do ultimately with trust in God and knowing He has richly given me all things to enjoy (I Tim. 6:17b).

The reason for my philosophizing. How challenging children are but what a blessing to be stretched.

Funny quote of the week by Rhianwen: "I really wanted a Chinese muffin!" (meaning English muffin).


  1. Sorry you're still hanging in there. I completely understand. With Eli and Davis I took the due date I was given and added a week...I was right on target both times. :) As you know, he'll be here soon.
    Love you guys.

  2. It doesn't look like that park is designed for two year olds! Please tell Wally ! ;-(

    Now, Rhi is just following in the footsteps of Wally---rock climbing with a baby in a sling---hmmmm, I appear to be bashing Wally! ha!

    Alden is a hoot.

    May this day, Wed, bring you the new little one, I hope.

  3. Seeing as how both of mine were early, I can only imagine how completely maddening it must be to be overdue and still waiting. But on a positive note I guess that means Wally did a good thing scheduling his trip when he did, huh? Praying for you and Corwin!

  4. Goodness, that thing you and Wally found near your park looks crazy ... and fun! Crazy fun. Kind of makes me light-headed, though.


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