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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Ready for Corwin

My big belly, although Rhianwen said, "Mommy, I thought you said your belly would be really really big at Christmas time.", as if it's not. Sweet girl ;0)

Since we were here over most of Christmas break (including Daddy who had planned much time off), we started getting the nursery set up and did some projects around the house. It was wonderful to put away the decorations and get ready for the little guy. Daddy set up the crib, put up new cubby holes in the nursery, took down lots of boxes from the attic with the mobile, playmat, the swing, clothes etc. He also got to work on putting up a new tree-fort after tearing the old one down (our kids were stepping through holes in the press-board floor). He's using an old deck from our neighbor, and it will be quite the creation when he is finished.

Some very sweet generous friends threw a shower for us. We had a good time of prayer which was so encouraging! It really helped me feel more ready for baby. (This is a diaper cake just in case Uncle Christopher is reading this ;0) I even was able to purchase an Ergo carrier with all of the wonderful gift cards from my friends!

I've been working on setting things up and "personalizing" the nursery. I made a new boppy cover, a little sheet/blanket for Corwin with his initials, and a cute little stuffed owl that turned out to be way easier than I thought. I followed the pattern given here. Forget paying $50 at Pottery Barn, use some scraps and your sewing machine. It really is one of the easiest sewing projects I've ever done.

Corwin's owl (his only stuffed animal so far...although I've thought of having Rhianwen choose out of her plethora to give him a gift).

This is what Rhianwen and Alden were doing while I sewed. They said they were "putting on a show". Yeah, some show! But they were being quiet and non-destructive, so I was fine with it.

They really loved stuffing the owl.

The blankie, good for keeping warm in a slightly cool car or for swaddling or for lying on or for decoration.

The nursery isn't as together as I'd like it to be. We need to remove some extra furniture, but it's ready for Corwin if he came which is what matters. Wally is gone to GA this week, so I'm praying baby will wait until later to come!

When asked what Alden will do when Corwin comes, he says, "Pet him."


  1. The owl is darling! I hope Corwin comes very late! ha! Corwin would be a good name in a cheer....COR WIN COR WIN....I can hear it now.

    What did you use on the blankie? Iron ons? OH, don't ya love it when the kids entertain themselves safely?

  2. WE are praying for all of you as you wait for Corwin to appear-for God's perfect timing, for a safe delivery and working out of all the details before and after. We love you all and so much enjoy keeping up with your family through your blog.

  3. Aren't you just the crafty mama! I just love that cute little owl!

    You look fabulous! I like that shirt on you. It was one of my favorites. :o) It's been so fun sharing maternity clothes!

  4. How lovely! One day, I'm going to learn to sew.

    I just can't believe it's time for Corwin to come already! I sure hope Wally was able to navigate through our crazy snow/ice situation.

  5. ah, Corwin.....what a shock awaits you.


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