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Sunday, May 29, 2011


We spent most of May sick with the worst cold on the planet...well, at least it seemed that way. It lasted a good 3 weeks for me, gave Wally migraines, and made us all cough like crazy. Poor Corwin was the last to get it, but thankfully his wasn't as bad as ours. Maybe it was all those good mommy-milk antibodies...who knows. We did get to have some fun, like celebrating my birthday. Wally made a lovely chocolate rice cake (I don't know if I mentioned on here that Corwin is sensitive to gluten), but it had eggs in it, and apparently Corwin is super sensitive to eggs. He was spitting up blood and pooping blood, poor guy. So, Wally ate most of the cake. It was delicious, even for a rice cake.

Some nice things about being stuck at home were that we watched part of the royal wedding together and got to see the bugman. My kids love the bugman...this is what I told my mom in an email recounting his last visit: "They love the truck that they come in. They love talking to them. It's quite funny. I told the bug man that our house was pretty messy. He said, "Well, you gotta live." And I felt like saying, "Right now, it's just survival." I'm sure he could tell that when he walked in...crumbs all over the floor, compost bucket overflowing, dirty frying pan on the stove, half eaten granola bar on the table, bowl of pretzels on the fam room floor...etc etc. He's probably thinking, "No wonder why I have to spray!"

We also got to find some fun activities for the backyard such as riding the tricycles down our sledding hill. You can hear me watching my children almost colliding and knowing I can't do anything to stop it.

Corwin wishing he could join in on riding down the hill.

Bubble baths...another good activity when you are sick.

Swinging in a hammock...also a good idea.

Coming up with innovative ways to walk your dog...good idea.

Learning how to laugh...great idea.

So I guess it wasn't all bad, but man do I feel SO much better now that we are well. I'm just praying we'll stay that way. Our sins are certainly amplified when we feel crummy. I was getting pretty discouraged about it especially since my "little mommy" aka Rhianwen was reflecting all of the sins that I struggle with. Even when she is well she does b/c her personality is much like mine, and it really is a motivator to make me live by example b/c she sees me and does what I do so much of the time. A book I am reading called The Mission of Motherhood says to consider all of the little interruptions children bring to my day as "divine appointments". Aside from the Holy Spirit who makes it possible for us to rightly live, there is little more powerful than living by example, meeting my children where they are and loving them for who they are now. BUT I've also realized that my motivation should not be primarily for my children to grow up happy and whole. That would feed my desperation and grasping at results that aren't within my power to produce. My motivation should be to bring glory to God from my gratitude for what He has done for me and what He is to me. This is freedom to keep those divine appointments with a peaceful hopeful heart.

Well, back to the summary of life: we were well enough in time for a little gymnastics event for Rhianwen. She was pretty distracted so she didn't do her routines as well as if she had been in a class, but it was fun for her, and she got a trophy at the end of it all.

A trophy for Rhianwen. I'm not really sure I'm excited about the "everyone wins" concept, but she certainly was.

Then it was off to Grandmama's and Grandaddy's for a visit while Daddy was out of town. Thaya's nuthin' lahk bein in SC in the cuntrae...they got to see a miniature pony baby, ride miniature ponies, ride 4-wheelers (the boys who owned them looked incredulous when I said we didn't have any at our house), feed chickens and collect their eggs, see mice and black snakes, and generally ran around barefoot most of the day. Rhianwen and Alden insist they want a chicken for a pet.

It must have been the SC country air, I totally didn't even think about helmets, not that there probably were any. They probably would have looked at me like I was insane if I asked for one.

A photo for her future rehearsal dinner???

Rhianwen discovered that she could pump and swing easily in a shorter swing than the ones we have in our backyard, which are difficult for even me to pump!

Look at the picture Alden drew! Usually he limits himself to lightning (lots of scribbles) and circles. But this is quite a masterpiece. You can see that he is trying to imitate the French look by drawing a thin mustache on his face.

We enjoyed seeing Greatmama and PaPa too. Here are 3 generations playing Candyland. How special!

Corwin getting some lovin'.

Not to be outdone, Corwin has also learned to sit on his own, walk in his walker, and bounce in his jumperoo. Guess he's decided he needs to work off some of those pounds before our trip to the beach in July.

"This is no sweat."

Walkin' in his walker.


A funny conversation after one of our few visits to Sunday school (since we've been sick we haven't been to church much):

Mommy to Alden: What wee little man did you talk about? What was the wee little man's name?
Alden: Um, I don't know.
Rhianwen: I think I know! Was it Wee Gillis?

"His real name was Alastair Roderic Craigellachie Dalhousie Gowan Donnybristle Mac Mac but that was too long to say...". It's just one of our favorite books.

Another funny question from Rhianwen: "How do you not go up a chimney."
She is always asking such off the wall things, many times I don't even know how to answer her.

Tuckered out. It's been one of those months.


  1. Hey, so is the Wee Gillis the oatmeal story ???? DID YOU FIND IT??--let me know--drop me an email.

    Rhi looks bigger all the time and so does CORWIN!! Yikes, he is a growin!! Glad you all are feeling better. Lots of busy things and fun things there!

  2. You have become quite the video multitasker, Eowyn! You've got the 3 thing down pat. We've missed you guys this season!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like my house is more dirty than usual when the bugman comes to visit. :) I'm sure that's a very common feeling.

    Love seeing pictures of the kids. Hope your June is better than May was.

  4. Loved this post.

    The picture with you and Corwin is awesome ... I love that his head looks at least as big as yours. Also love the photo of everyone in the bubble bath.

    Elsbeth screamed and bit and hit more than usual today. Thanks for the Mommy pick-me-up. So good sometimes to stand back and remember why we do (or should be doing) the things we do instead of just wanting to curl up in the fetal position.

    So glad you're all well!

  5. Didn't know Corwin had a gluten sensitivity. How did you determine that was what was wrong? Poor guy!

    Corwin's bouncer looks like so much fun! I want one... for me! :o)

    So Rhianwen is doing gymnastics and Alden is perfecting his art skills. Have you considered starting Corwin in Sumo wrestling? ;o)

    What are you driving these days with the 3 kids? Can't tell from the picture. Were you able to get them all in one of the vehicles you had or did you have to buy something else?

  6. The answer to Rhianwen's question is "Pickle sundae".


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